Finches & Apple Blossoms

Hello everyone

A new design Finches & Apple Blossoms has been added to the vintage miniature range and is now available as a kit from the Etsy shop.

These endearing little birds with fluffed up feathers are reproduced from vintage postcard illustrations by Raphael Tuck & Sons 1920.

Finches & Apple Blossom
Finches & Apple Blossom














Many of you requested that some of the other miniatures/designs be made available as digital items.  These items can now be accessed by instant download from the Etsy shop.

A slice of sweet watermelon kit
A slice of sweet watermelon kit
Saucer of milk for kitty kit
Saucer of milk for kitty kit
My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady








This will be the last new addition to the kit collection this year as I am busy as a bee working on a new book due to be released next year.  I think you can guess what the title will be – Vintage Miniature Embroidery!  I would love to hear your ideas on what you think about the vintage miniature designs, what subjects you would like to see included, i.e. birds, floral, portraits – what do you think of kittens or dogs,  or any specific areas you would like more information on.   Obtaining your views helps me to include everything you would like to see in a book.

Unfortunately for a number of reasons there will be no future online classes,  instead in an effort to provide you with the best learning experience I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of my friend  Di Van Niekerk who offers downloadable lessons.  These lessons give you the opportunity to do the work in your own time at your own pace, without the limitations of a specified time period, and are a wonderful way to learn a technique together with my help by email as and when you require it.   The benefits are that you will be able to download the lesson and start immediately – no waiting for it to arrive in the post, however there will also be an option to purchase the lesson in kit form with the printed booklet, pre-printed fabric and needles should you prefer.   Together with my book publications, in particular Needle Painting Embroidery:  Fresh Ideas For Beginners and DVD there are a number of ways to learn how to do needle painting embroidery so enabling you to progress onto more advanced designs  I hope to introduce these lessons as soon as time allows:) and of course your views are always appreciated.

Meanwhile wherever you are in the world be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful weekend and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

18 thoughts on “Finches & Apple Blossoms”

  1. hi trish.i am proud owner of your two books and trying my hand on it.the instructions are easy and clear.your work is treat to the eyes.waiting desperately for latest book.

  2. hi trish.i am proud owner of your two books and trying my hand on it. waiting for this book.your work is real treat to the eyes.

  3. Hi Trish, The finches are so cute, but then again I love all your work. Could you please do some teddy bears. Thanks Emilia

  4. The finches are beautiful! These miniature kits are so lovely.

    I’m just finishing up your Kingfisher design and it has been a pleasure to stitch. The instructions are very clear even for a needlepainting neophyte, and I feel that not only do I have a beautiful piece, I’ve learned a lot from it. Thank you!

  5. Kittens are cute and most people love puppies, but could you do a rabbit? There are maybe not as many rabbit fanatics as cat fanatics, but I would love to stitch one!

  6. Getting you mails has been so interesting Trish. many thanks, have enjoyed them.
    So glad another book is coming!!

  7. What a delightful design Trish! Will be doing a spot of shopping shortly, wink, wink!
    I am so delighted you are doing another book and know whatever you will feature will be well researched, and beautifully presented and as always, a joy to stitch! I look forward to it. Thrilled about the online lessons and can’t wait for them to become available.
    Take care and hugz

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