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Hello everyone

Hope the first weeks of 2014 are going well for you and that you are coping with the hot or cold weather depending on where you are!  As promised this week I am going to share with you some sneak previews into the new book which I worked on last year and is due for release middle of this year.

The title has not been confirmed but the working title is Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery:  Vintage Illustrations.  It is being published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd, as always, and will be a paperback approx +/- 195 pages.  This is my seventh publication to date – you can see my previous books here on my Amazon page.

The book begins by providing the reader with information on needle painting embroidery – materials, preparation and detailed stitch guides.  It explains how to adapt long & short stitch to fit smaller shapes and gives numerous hints and tips on the technique.  You might think that the instructions tend to become repetitive with each succeeding book but actually they aren’t because I am imparting any new knowledge that I have learnt (or discovered) along the way – we never stop learning – thank goodness!

flowersflower 2

The book caters for all levels of embroiderers from beginner to advanced. The projects are detailed without being over taxing – most of them can be completed within a week or less.  It includes approx 20 projects grouped into portraits, birds & flowers – each one accompanied by step by step photos plus a thread diagram providing the reader with easy to follow visual instructions. I know this because I had to re-stitch one of the projects using my own instructions ( I cannot tell you what a challenge this was! ) so was able to put myself in your shoes and become my own worst critic!

girl 2girl

There is emphasis on adding details to provide a realistic effect and this includes the use of sewing cottons for outlining.  There are two simple, starter projects a bird & flower, designed to introduce the beginner and allow you to practice on before beginning work on the other projects.

starter project
starter project

At the back of the book is an additional section on mini pansies – we can never have enough pansies!  These are designed to be used on completed items such as embroidery accessories, cushions, personal accessories etc , with examples to demonstrate, and was what instigated me to become pre-occupied with designing sewing patterns suitable for finishing our embroidery pieces, the first of which I hope to introduce this month.

bird 2bird

I enjoyed creating this book – the overall look is pleasing and pretty, evoking familiar images of postcards and book illustrations from our childhood. I hope that it will give you as much pleasure as it did me –  I will keep you posted in the next few months as to the release date.

A few last things before I sign off is that the Introduction To Miniature Needle Painting booklet in the Etsy shop has been discontinued due to the release of the new book.  The Iris Spartan flower project is back in kit form by popular demand and is available from the Etsy shop.

Iris spartan kit
Iris spartan kit

In the meantime wherever you are, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn keep smiling and many many happy and peaceful stitching hours!  Trish

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  1. Tienes trabajos muy hermosos, felicitaciones.
    Amo las manualidades, me gustaría mucho aprender tus tecnicas, ojala publicaras videos en You Tube.

  2. beautiful work, I had to purchase all your books and what a pleasure to see each picture, have you ever attempted to make a peacock? if yes, please let me know if you will sell the pattern. Thank you

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