Clarifying Embroidery Stabilizers

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With regards the Pellon shape flex woven cotton interfacing, there have been some concerns as to the laundering aspect and long term effect of the fusible on our embroidery.  I have washed my own pieces and they seem perfectly fine but just to be absolutely sure I would like to do some more research on this, test some samples with rigorous washing and will contact the manufacturers to get more information.  Until then probably best you don’t rush out and buy yards of it!

Also just to clarify that the stabilizer mentioned is for fabrics such as Kona cotton or other quilting type cottons where the weave is slightly loose and therefore difficult to stitch on.  It is not required for the embroidery fabrics that I sell on my website or include in my kits such as:  Cambric Irish linen,  Southern Belle 200 count muslin or Cotton satin.

These DO NOT NEED STABILIZING.  They are ok to use on their own for needle painting embroidery without a stabilizer or backing.  This is because the fabric count is high enough and the weight of the fabric is sturdy enough to support the embroidery on its own

Backing Fabric

If you feel that your embroidery fabric would benefit from some extra stability you can use a fine weight backing fabric such as Swiss muslin.  This should be lined up on the grain of the fabric together with the main fabric and basted on before mounting in the hoop.  If the backing fabric is not lined up it will distort and cause puckering.  When mounting for framing you need to stretch the backing fabric first in addition to the main fabric.

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5 thoughts on “Clarifying Embroidery Stabilizers”

  1. Hi Trish. Read your blogs regarding backing fabrics. Yes, my stitching does pucker a bit so I have now tried Vilene lightweight iron on interfacing to back my silk dupion fabric.
    Vilene is the British equivalent to Pelon I think. Have washed it all and am very pleased to say that the result is excellent.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. I appreciate the info as I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while. I have trouble finding heavy weight, close weave fabric for my redwork embroidery. Too often the weave is way too loose. I will try this interfacing on a small project.

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