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Little bird & Flower project
Little bird & Flower project
Thread Pack
Thread Pack


Just to let you know that the thread packs for the Complete Lesson In Needle Painting Embroidery Kit are in stock here.

As you know I dont normally include thread with my kits due to the difficulty of sourcing all the colours  but have made an exception for this lesson kit, so you have the option of purchasing the kit with/wihout thread.  The thread pack includes one skein of each colour DMC stranded cotton that you will need for the project plus a spool of Gutermann sewing thread for outlining.  You will need to choose the thread pack option from the drop down list if required.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Trish

9 thoughts on “Thread Packs In Stock”

  1. Hello Trish! How are you? Those threads look lovely all laid out there to see.=)

    May I please pick your brains? I know you work the other way around, i.e. first choice DMC, then supplementing with Anchor where DMC has gaps, but I wonder if you have any experience that I might benefit from.

    I have the full Anchor collection and am beginning to ‘feel’ the gaps somewhat and want to plug them with DMC. However, I’m not in a position to buy the full thread shade chart just to do a few comparisons (although I use my Anchor one regularly). Are there any shades you can think of in the DMC collection, esp. where greens are concerned, that you’ve noticed missing from Anchor?

    Another pro embroiderer suggested DMC purples over Anchor ones too. Any thoughts on that?

    Many thanks in advance and best wishes from the UK.=)

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      As far as greens go the Anchor range has a better selection, they are more subdued and subtle, but there is one family of blue greens in DMC that is not available in Anchor and that I use a lot – 928, 927, 926, 3768, 924. The other leafy greens I use a lot are 472, 471, 469, 936, 935 and 934 – the palest shade is missing here and can be used with Anchor 259. Hope this helps. Trish

  2. Dear Trish

    You may not hear from me very often but I follow your blog with great interest. I showed my class girls the new miniature little bird and flower project and they all want to do it. I notice that the kits are sold out and that is what they want. When will they be back in stock. Meanwhile I will order a PDF file and at least they can see it up close. Then I can take names and order them all together. We have just finished the blue wren and they all look fantastic. That we obtained from Inspirations magazine. We would like to do the Australian birds and wondered if you have them in PDF files or are they tied up with Country Bumpkin.

    Loved your pictures of your train journey. It is always good to see the African countryside.

    Regards Ada Langmead.

    1. Thanks Ada its good to hear from you. I am in the process of re-stocking the lesson kits and hopefully they will be back in the store by next week. Wonderful to hear that you have all completed the blue wren sure they look beautiful:) The Australian birds are exclusive to Country Bumpkin but are available as digitial downloads in their store. Trish

  3. Thanks LaRaine nice to get positive feedback from others:) Yes good idea to order from Tanja. Cant imagine being cold we have been sweltering in the heat here. Trish

  4. Good Morning Trish

    I already ordered the Embroidery Kit I’ll just get my threads here from the local shop. She pretty well handles all colours from Anchor and DMC. So once I get a list I can go over and get the threads. I’m really excited to do this on line lesson.

    I went over to the Needlework shop yesterday and finished getting the threads for your Red Rumped Parrot and the girl there was so excited to look at your pattern she just finished one of your kits. But it was her first and she just did it on a piece of cotton as a sample she absolutely loves your patterns. So I told her to order her material from Tanja Berlin as she uses the same cotton as you do the 200 Southern Belle. Anyway have a great day. We are going to have a above zero weather today. Its been a horribly cold winter this year so when the mercury goes above zero a few degrees we are in seventh heaven..

    Regards LaRaine

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