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Hello Everyone

Hope all is good with you?  I have just got back from a week in Mauritius with my family – it was divine!  When we left Cape town it was freezing cold and we arrived to warm, sultry sunshine, white beaches and clear blue sea – so I tucked my wrinkly white bits into a speedo costume (I am beyond worrying what others think)  and made by way to a the beach, it was bliss and a much needed break to re-charge the batteries!

Le Morne Mauritius
Le Morne Mauritius


Needless to say I cannot possibly sit still so spent a lot of time doodling on a sketch pad and coming up with some new ideas for the Shades Of Whitework designs, which I am considering re-naming Zendoodle Whitework as believe it is probably a more apt description.  Before I left I had discussions with a leading artist of Zentangle designs Ben Kwok of Bioworkz in Los Angeles.   Ben draws his designs using a combination of pen and graphite pencil, so although it follows the popular zentangle patterns it is slighly more artistic and lifelike.  Among his clients are Disney, Warner Music & MGR Entertainment – below are some examples of his work.  I have been greatly inspired by Ben’s style of “Zendoodle” and although he was unable to grant permission for me to use his artworks for reproduction in embroidery he has allowed me to use some of his templates, which I am working on now.

Ornate Elephant v.2 Art PrintOrnate Owl Head Art Print

I am using several shades of grey, black and white to create a similar impression to the graphite and pen with shading, satin stitch and outlines, adding patterns as and where I see fit.  I am CRAZY about this style of art!  I see it as a re-creation of the traditional form of whitework embroidery in a fresh, contemporary way.  It is such fun to stitch, with many surprising aspects and really quite addictive.  I plan to add a range of these designs in addition to the previous needlepainting designs and think you will agree that the use of limited monochrome shades, although vastly different from the numerous shades used in needlepainting is quite pleasing and soothing?  I would love to know what you think.

Floreali Shades Of Whitework
Floreali Shades Of Whitework

The first Whitework kit has almost sold out and as mentioned previously it takes some time to re-order the threads from France so it could be a while before stocks arrive back in the shop.  In the meantime I have made it available as a digital download.  The download includes some FLoche and Broder thread substitutes as these are not always easy to obtain.  You can find the download here. The good news is that I am working on the Moonlit owl and Zentangle Bird and hope to have these kits available in the next few weeks.  Meanwhile wherever you are be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful week and many happy stitching hours.  Trish


4 thoughts on “Back from holiday”

  1. Mauritius! Sounds so incredibly exotic to us Europeans, but I suppose it’s not so far awy for you. Glad you had such a great time.

    On a completely different topic, are you still planning to write that follow up book to ‘Fresh Ideas For Beginners’ that was mentioned in that book’s first few pages? Just curious…=)

    1. Hi Elizabeth Mauritius is very close to South Africa so tends to be a popular holiday destination although there are numerous tourists from UK also. Did not know I had promised a follow up book to Fresh Ideas for beginners but checked and sure enough I did! My new book on Miniatures which is basically intermediate projects is due for release this year – it was supposed to be released in July but there has been a delay at the printers and will only be released in October. If you are looking for more advanced projects you will find them in the book Colour Confidence In Embroidery. Hope this helps. Trish

  2. Hello Trish,
    I too have fallen in love with the art form. I think it fills in all the empty spaces in my mind!
    I have been pinning some to create in inspirational port folio. I even had my little grand son “zintangling?” his angry bird coloring book while visiting this weekend. I cannot wait to see your designs.

    1. wonderful Bernadette! I think it is suitable for all ages and very therapeutic – like your description of it filling the empty spaces of your mind:) Trish

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