Important Information For Students Of BATB

Hello students

If you are attending any of my classes at Beating Around The Bush Needlework Convention in Australia please make sure you bring a small magnifying lamp with you.  It is virtually impossible for you to see the tiny stitches in this work without one.  If you dont have one you can purchase one from the online Country Bumpkin Create N Stitch store as shown in the first example below.   If you are not able to do this they will have some in stock and you can purchase one at the event – it is a great investment for your embroidery and you will be pleased you did!

Here are some examples of the type of light you will need:

Magnifying lamp from Create N Stitch
Magnifying lamp from Create N Stitch
Daylight magnifying lamp
Daylight magnifying lamp

PLEASE DON’T BRING ONE OF THESE LED CLIP ON LIGHTS – it wont provide enough light.  It should have a very bright light preferrably daylight.

LED clip on magnifier
What not to bring – clip on magnifier

If you have any questions please contact me – you can use the contact form or email address on the blog site.  Look forward to seeing you there!  Trish


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