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Since the postal strikes I have integrated Express priority shipping as an option into the Etsy shop.  Priority courier normally takes a few days to reach the recipient and of course is trackable all the way – although it is normally vastly more expensive I have managed to negotiate special rates with a shipping company here, you will find the rates for each country (continent) at checkout.  For clarity sake for both South African and overseas customers here is how it works:

1.  Shipping Costs for your Country.

When you click on an item a new page will come up with the description and details of the product.  Below this you will see Item details, reviews and shipping policies.  If you click on shipping policies payment methods and a drop down box with each country is available.  FInd your country and click on it to get the airmail postage cost.

shipping 3

2.  Priority Courier Costs for your Country

When you have added an item to your basket and go to checkout you will see a drop down list of available shipping methods.  To calculate the cost of Priority courier to your country select from the drop down list.  The cost will then be added to the total at checkout.  Once I have received your order I will email you with a tracking number.


3.  Shipping for South Africa.

The South African prices for each item are listed at the top of the product description as shown below.  This is the US$ price converted at the ZAR price.  When you checkout with Paypal it will be listed in US$ but your bank will convert at the current exchange rate.  You can calculate the postage for South Africa by choosing South Africa in the drop down box.  Again when you go to checkout you will have an option to choose Speed services courier – which is an overnight express shipping that goes from counter to counter at the Post Office.  If you do not want to use Paypal you can email me for EFT banking details.

shipping 2

shipping 4

Hope this is all clear for you now, if you have any questions at all please dont hesitate to contact me, you can use the contact form on the site.  The last overseas shipping will be first week of December, thereafter the shop will be closed for the Christmas season until 1st January – with the exception of the digital store which will remain open throughout.

Meanwhile, wherever you are be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful week and happy stitching!  Trish

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  1. Hi Trish-

    I see from your few posts that you are having issues with postage. I just worked out an arrangement with an Australian company to store some of their inventory here and then ship orders out to US and Canadian customers as they come in. It has drastically reduced the cost and time to get order to customers in North America. If you think it would be helpful, I’d be glad to work out some similar arrangement with you.

    I also wanted to ask if you have any connections with sewing groups in your area. I am the North American agent for a European pattern magazine and am trying to get it some more exposure and expand its reach. It is published in 8 languages including Dutch. If you know of any sewing groups that might be interested, I’d be glad to send you a complimentary copy to pass along.


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