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At last I am able to share with you some details about the new book Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery:  Vintage Portraits, Florals & Birds, published by Milner Craft, Australia. Despite the setbacks and delays the book has finally been published and I am waiting expectantly for my advanced copy to arrive in the post!  Today I had confirmation from the publishers that it will be released in Australia/New Zealand in December, UK In January and USA/Canada in February.  It is now available for pre-order at most good online bookshops including:

Amazon,  Search Press, Book Depository, Angus & Robertson,  Booktopia, Barnes & Noble.  If you do a google search you will find it available at many other book shops.

book coverI will of course have copies for sale in the ETSY shop as soon as they are available – hopefully end of January/February 2015.  I will advise by blog as soon as they arrive from overseas.  You can read a synopsis of the book at any of the links above but there is nothing like a picture to show you what it is really all about, so here goes.

page 3

The book is a complete instruction on needle painting embroidery in miniature, based on Vintage designs – the same as normal needle painting but it shows you how to adjust your stitches to fit a smaller shape, and the use of colour to achieve the most realistic effect.   There is some background information on miniature art and of course the usual chapters on Materials, Preparation, Techniques & tips on how to get around those challenging areas in your embroidery.  At the back of the book I have included complete Anchor & DMC substitute charts to make life easier for you.  The publishers have succeeded in recreating the feel of the Victorian Era by inserting gorgeous little lacy borders, trims and Vintage images on each page and I just love this!

page 7

page 5

Included in the book are a total of 20 projects, two starter projects, 15 main projects and 3 mini projects.  The main projects are divided into 3 sections, Birds, Flowers & Portraits – hopefully something for everyone?  You can see a sampling of them below.

page 2

Each project is accompanied by a stitch diagram, thread list and of course detailed step by step instructions to guide you through each stage of the stitching.  They cater for all levels from beginner to advanced and the best thing about them is that they don’t take long to complete so you never have a chance to get bored!

page 1I loved working on this book, the designs are fresh, pretty and inspiring and it is my hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.

page 8

In my previous post I mentioned that we would be having a 24 hour sale on Digital Downloads on the 15th December but I forgot that our family arrives for Christmas, and I will be away at a beach house over that period so unfortunately I will have to delay this till the following week.  The shop will close next week on the 10th December but the digital store will remain open throughout the Festive season.  I will pop back before Christmas to wish you all the best but in the meantime wherever you are, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful week and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

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  2. Trish I love your embroiders & I have learned a lot, looking at your work, I am from Chile, South America, thanks for sharing your beautiful art.
    Margarita Sánchez Guzmán

  3. Happened upon some of your finished pieces on Pinterest and I must say, you do absolutely beautiful work. I’ve always been intimidated be the idea of embroidery, but I think I’m ready to practice and attempt some of these gorgeous designs! Thanks for making the world more beautiful <3

    1. Thanks so much for your comment it is interesting to hear how you came about it on Pinterest, I must make an effort to update my boards!! You can find everything you need to begin in the Etsy store here:
      or you can purchase a book from Amazon here:
      Always here to help. Trish

  4. Dear Trish, It is a lovely composition! When I compare the projects to some vintage children’s books I have the pictures are of the same style. Love the vintage feel of these. Looking forward to this! It is snowing on your Blog page and it is snowing at my home! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Holiday! Blessings, Sharon

  5. Well Trish, what a cracker that looks. I bet there was lots of ‘stair work’ involved in that one. Shame its not available in the UK until January. Oh well, I’ll just have to extend my Christmas.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely peaceful Christmas Trish.

    Love the drifting snowflakes on the web page by the way. I believe we are due a little dusting tomorrow.

    Shelagh xx

    1. Thanks Shelagh yes plenty of stair work involved in this one!! A very happy Christmas to you and your family and a big thank you for your patronage this year.

  6. My dear Trish

    Ooooooh but what a lovely book to look forward to! Cannot wait to see it in my hands and will be putting a watch on Amazon as they normally have them so cannot wait for that. Had marked the calendar for the digital 24 hour special and have noted it will be the following week – presumably we will hear from you which date you are choosing to do this? Do hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family around you. I miss the good weather you have and lots of the crafty things which we do not have here and of course the friends but the news of unrest is quite alarming. I had very sad news of my only relative in SA, a cousin, who was murdered last week in Estcourt in Natal in, from what we can understand, was very violent circumstances in his house – no doubt a break in and they had not realised there was someone in the house. It makes me glad that we are no longer in this violent society where you have to lock yourselves up. I think it must be better in Cape Town though. However looking around the world it appears as if everyone has gone completely mad which is a sad state of affairs.

    Anyway so good to hear your good news and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and everything of the best for the coming year.

    Fond luv



    1. Hello El it is so good to hear from you! So sorry to hear of your cousin in Natal, how awful please accept my condolences. I have postphoned thedigital sale till 18th December so look out for it. I will post a blog to notify you. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. Trish

  7. Hi Trish, my book is on back order with Book Depository, U.K. since I came back from BRTB. Cant wait to get it and just sit and enjoy all the projects. Hopefully will get one of the little kits completed over the Christmas break… have been able to collect more Anchor threads from a shop in W.A.. Take care and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family XXX

    1. Hi Heather glad to hear you have your book on order – there is a good chance you will receive your copy before I get mine!! Perhaps you could do a blog post on it (only joking). Glad to hear you have managed to get some Anchor threads – it was wonderful to have you in the class at BATB, know that you are going to do great things with your embroidery. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas. Trish

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