Books, Heat & Things

Hello everyone how are you?

Apologies for the silence in the last two weeks, we have been experiencing heat waves here in the Western Cape and I am trying to work on the looming deadline for my new book, Whitework with colour which is due for delivery next month.   I have already had this deadline extended so the Publishers are anxiously awaiting the manuscript, and I have such a lot to do……

I know most of you overseas are in the midst of a very cold winter and cannot imagine what extreme heat feels like at present, well it is hot very hot and therefore challenging to try and get any stitching done or spend any amount of time at the computer concentrating on a book manuscript!

I have not forgotten that I promised you some new designs in the Etsy Shop and also the sister kit to Provencal below, but this will of necessity be delayed slightly.  I appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing lots of new ideas with you when I get the book completed.

Till then wherever you are in the world, remember “Embroidery forever, housework whenever!”  Keep smiling, cool (or warm) and happy stitching!  Trish



4 thoughts on “Books, Heat & Things

  1. Are you selling the end product… how I wish i could buy the end product of your stitches etsy I really admire yr stiches in yr project Racquet Tailored roller…such a master piece…


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