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Hello everyone

Just wanted to let you know that there is a new item in the ETSY shop here. 

bag 4

It is a 100% cotton drawstring project bag in white, which keeps your embroidery project clean whilst stitching or when it needs to be stored for any length of time. The Cotton fabric provides an acid free environment and protects from light damage, dust and spills.  We all know how important it is to keep your work clean, especially to prevent the formation of stubborn hoop marks which are difficult to remove with washing.  When you have finished your stitching, simply slip the whole hoop with mounted fabric, and threads into the bag and pull ribbon to close. Can be hung on a chair/door/hook to keep out the way, stored in a drawer, or placed inside a tote bag to carry with you on the go.

bag 2

Having used pillow slips and cotton shopping bags in the past I decided to design a bag specifically for this task.  With the help of a CMT specialist we set out to design a bag that was exactly the right size and shape for embroidery projects and that could hold any size hoop up to the largest size 10″ – simple but effective.  It is full washable, can be tumble dried and ironed and has an attractive Gatsby outline with logo on the front. The outline is meant for decoration but there is no reason why you could not stitch it with a simple outline stitch if you wanted and give it as a gift to a friend?  The bag could also be used for storing quilting/craft projects, or for packing shoes, lingerie or cosmetics, etc in luggage.

bag 3

Since I got the stock, I have commandeered at least 10 of them for myself and cannot tell you how useful they are!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching!


7 thoughts on “Cotton Project Bags”

  1. Thank you Trish , I wanted to order one of your lovely bags and a transfers pen. But my PayPal account was hacked and I closed it , even this week they tried to get into an account that no longer exists
    Is there a way I can get these products another way please

    1. Oh no Lorna thats awful, what a nuisance for you! Unfortunately I can only accept payment via Paypal in this part of the world. Have you got a friend with Paypal who can order on your behalf? Trish

  2. Hi Trish, I have tried to buy your cotton bags through the estay shop and I can’t, I have already placed an order for the bird, can you please let me know how much I owe for the bags and can they come in the same order. Susan Batt

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