Reasons for doing embroidery printout

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all on top of the world and enjoying your weekend?  Here is the printout for the TOP TEN REASONS FOR DOING EMBROIDERY as promised.  I have designed a layout for them so you can frame it or just keep it on file – read it, ponder it and enjoy!  You can access a PDF of this printout here.



Till next time wherever you are in the world keep smiling and happy stitching.



12 thoughts on “Reasons for doing embroidery printout”

  1. Hi Trish
    Another woman and myself have started up an embroidery group just out of Christchurch NZ. We are 2 vey passionate stitchers I have done a few of your pieces the Christmas Robin from a recent Inspirations mag. I am hoping to teach this piece at later date or a more simpler one from your books I have all of them. I hope this will be ok
    When I saw” The Top Ten Reasons For Doing Embroidery” We have decided to use this for our Groups inspiration. It just seemed so right for what we are trying to do.
    Also it was very apt for myself having had embroidery to do has seen me through a few crisis.
    Raewyn B

    1. How lovely Raewyn it is wonderful to hear how you inspire each other as a group and of course it will be fine for you to teach any of the projects from my book or other. Trish

  2. totally agree

    Trish looking forward to seeing you soon

    Deborah Love


  3. I wish you had found a space to add joining a guild. Here in America, there is The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc. and the America Needlepoint Guild. In a guild you will find friendly help in your needlework creations and life long friends. I would hope that there are guilds in other countries.

    1. Of course the guilds are a wonderful source of meeting like minded people and learning new skills Judy thanks for mentioning that:) Trish

  4. Good morning Trish.

    I am the Publicity Chair for BDEIG (Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild). This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

    I also am the tipster for our organization. For the upcoming issue, I would like to include a link to your top ten reasons. This would introduce you to some stitchers who are unaware of you, and give all of us your wonderful Top 10 Reasons. Do I have your permission to share the link?

    Pat Kamperschroer


    1. You are welcome to include a link or put in your newsletter Pat either will be fine. COngratulations on your 25th Anniversary:) Trish

  5. Love these reasons and so true and inspiring thank you trish (love all your work)

  6. I totally agree with all of your statements. Crocheting and knitting and the various types of stitchery have kept me sane all these years.

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