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Today is a momentous day for those of you in the USA – have been watching the elections with interest and know that some of you will be mourning and some of you celebrating?  If you need cheering up there is a new kit in stock – the cardinal bird and blossoms.  I know it is a favorite in the States as many of you have emailed requesting it, so hope you like it.  You can find it here in the Etsy store.


The little bee eater bird was discontinued but is back in stock by popular request, you can find it here  Little Bee eater.

bee eater
Little bee eater

Redoutes sweet peas & little bird and flower lesson are also back in stock – you can find them here , Redoutes Sweet Peas, Little bird and flower.

sweet peas
Sweet Peas
little bird
Needlepainting lesson Little bird & flower

Have a laugh on my behalf.

Thought I would share a little story with you that will either make you laugh or cry:  Every week I cut hundreds of pieces of fabric ready to go to the screen printer – I have a rotary cutter which I use but it is quite exhausting work and can take 2 days to cut about 200 pieces, so finally after years of this, I decided to invest in a fabric cutting machine, like the one below.  I spent many hours researching the right one and with tongue in cheek finally placed my order.  It arrived – I was very excited but said to myself “Trish calm down, go slowly this is a dangerous piece of equipment – you don’t want to chop your fingers off”.  So I was sitting diligently reading the manual and the machine was plugged in ready to go – the instructions said to turn it on and sharpen it before first use.  So I turned it on and POOF, there was a loud BANG and blue sparks flew out – I had cut through the electrical cord!  I was not hurt and subsequent investigation showed that the machine was still in working order although there was a little notch burnt out on the blade so it was making a clunking noise. ……………… needless to say I felt very silly and cross with myself.


Last night my cousin in the UK messaged to ask how the machine was going – she has a very dry sense of humour.  When I told her what had happened she messaged back” OOPS!”  I replied “Big OOPS!”  Then she said”At least you didn’t set your hair on fire”.  She is a dressmaker and explained that she has now invested in a soldering iron but prior to that was using a lighter to heat seal the edge of her fabric/  She was leaning over intent on what she was doing and set her hair on fire!  She had to hit her head against things to put it out and was thinking to herself that thank goodness her neighbor is a fireman.  Needless to say we saw the funny side of it and got the giggles.  My husband and daughter who were watching TV could not understand why I was crying with laughter – their dead pan faces made it even funnier.  I felt so much better after that – laughter is such a great way to make little of something and put it into perspective.

Nevertheless, today I cut a couple of hundred pieces of fabric,  with my machine clunking away,  and have now placed an order with the same company and salesman who sold me the fabric cutter last week, for a replacement cord and blade……….. no doubt he will put two and two together?  I read a review on Amazon where a lady said she “inadvertently” cut through the cord – I was so relieved that someone else could be as stupid as me.

Till next time remember LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOUR LAUGHING!  Happy stitching.





19 thoughts on “Cardinal Bird”

  1. I happen to be one of the mourners. I sit here wondering what the rest of the world must be thinking of the USA, and how we could have ever have let this happen. I am praying that God watches over us these next four years and that things do not go irreversibly wrong.
    The cardinal is beautiful. I have to admit though that I have always thought the female was more attractive. I love her fawn color with the rosy hues.
    Your run-in with the fabric cutter sounds like something I would have done. I am glad you purchased it. I guess I never thought of how the fabric was being cut. While a rotary cutter would be so much better than scissors it would still be quite tiring. I hope the new cord and blade come soon.
    Have a great day Trish!

    1. Thanks Terri. I think the rest of the world are with you and certainly none of us are judging, we have all had our challenges with various governments in power, so take heart:) I agree with you about the female bird she is very lovely with her soft colours – perhaps a mate as some stage? I cannot tell you how much easier the fabric cutter is, just slices through the fabric (and other things:). Trish

  2. I know exactly what you went through! I have daily “battles” with the oven, can opener, knives, irons, etc etc.
    I’m just glad, you and your cousin are okay, and able to fight another day!
    Sue Lentz

    PS-are you ever going to design another cat? I did 2 of “Katerina”, and would love to do another cat-or two!

  3. Oh Trish I am so glad you weren’t electrocuted! I bought a new hedge trimmer and bought a beautiful new bright orange extension cord so that I could reach the shrubs. Do I have to explain what happened to y new extension cord? My hands buzzed for days and the worst part was that I couldn’t embroider🔌

  4. Yes, this is funny, but I’m glad nothing more serious happened. I’m still unpacking from my move to Colorado and just found the Chinese flower with the two additional pieces that you designed. One is partially completed so I am putting it into my sit upon hoop to take it to my EGA Stitch in meetings.

  5. So happy you are okay. Ordered 2 Cardinals. So enjoy your work. Just finished the Lilac breasted roller. Will just the prints be available for purchase? Take care lovely lady

  6. Since you are okay and everything turned out all right, I can say that this is funny. Also breathing a sigh of relief as I read the outcome! Have a good day, and happy stitching.

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