16 thoughts on “Giraffe with Barbara Streisand Eyes”

    1. someone saw her and said she has “Barbara Streisand” eyes so I called her Giraffe with Barbara Streisand eyes but you can call her Barbara Pam:)

  1. Absolutely adorable. Will you be offering iron on transfers of your work? Would like to order the giraffe. Goodness he is stunning. Hugs

  2. O I love this!!

    I have almost finished Katarina, and thought how much I would love to do a ginger cat, exactly the same, but facing the other way? Do you think it would be possible to get one from you?

    Much love and thank you for the most wonderful inspiration,


  3. Gosh, what you’re doing is so similar in concept to my next book (must be something going on in the universe).

    This giraffe is divine – to the extent that you have me a bit worried. You will have done it all and done it well……………..

    Kind regards


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    1. Hi Hazel, I have seen some of your gorgeous designs for your new book and you have nothing to be worried about, similar idea but very different style of embroidery and know everyone will love the diversity. After all there is “nothing new under the sun”:)
      love Trish

  4. She is gorgeous. I have always been intrigued by Giraffes and their marking. I really like the colours you have chosen. Her ‘stage makeup’ and beautiful eyes are a delight. Thank you Trish.

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