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Hello everyone

I hope this finds you well?  I am excited to share with you that in the next few days we will be moving across from ETSY to new premises.  I have been with ETSY for many years now and it has been a wonderful secure platform to sell my embroidery items from (and I thank you for that Etsy!) but unfortunately as the business has grown it no longer meets our needs so I have had to make the rather scary decision to move on to an eCommerce site.


Reasons for the move

This decision has not been made lightly but hopefully this explanation  will help you to understand the reasons behind it:

Etsy is like a market place – the kind you go to on a Saturday morning, where you have your own stall and sell your goods.  You are charged a small fee for your stall and pay a commission on each item that you sell.  When you are only selling a few items this is very cost effective but the more items you sell the more commission you pay and the more expensive it gets.    An eCommerce site is like having a shop in the mall or high street where you pay a set rent every month – it does not matter if you sell 10 items or a 1000 the rent is the same.

mall to

When selling from a stall at the market you are limited by the rules set by the market place, the size of your stall, how many items you offer for sale, how to decorate it etc, whereas when you have your own shop there are no restrictions.

The new shop

The new shop allows me to add video tutorials, useful information on embroidery and techniques, additional shipping services, better layouts, more detail on each product and links to my blog and the digital store so it will be all in one place.  It is more like an “Embroidery Experience” than a shop and you will be able to browse, learn, connect and be informed all in one visit.  I plan to share more on this in a later blog post but for the moment please bookmark the address of the new site – you can find it here:


Etsy Orders

For customers that placed an order on Etsy in the last two weeks – rest assured that your orders have been shipped and you can contact me by email if you have any concerns or problems.  I will ensure that your order is delivered to you safely.

Express Courier

For many months now I have been researching the option of offering customers affordable express courier rates so that they can get delivery of their packages quickly and reliably without having to wait weeks for it to arrive in the post.  I am pleased to say that we have managed to negotiate very competitive rates with a well known courier agent so that this will now be a reality for you the customer in the new store.  You will have the option of airmail post as before plus the option of express courier which means you can track your order online and it will be delivered to your door within 5 – 8 days!

I look forward to welcoming you to the new shop very soon.  In the meantime wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


6 thoughts on “New Shop”

  1. I have recently purchased your transfers. I would like to purchase a PDF for the cat with the bird..Have you one for this. I would also like to purchase a PDF for the giraffe which I see you do have in your etsy shop. So I cannot wait for your new shop So I hopefully will be able to buy the two PDF s. Looking forward to this.
    Linda scott

  2. Dear Trish, I tried to enter the new store but it asks me for a password… am I doing something wrong ? Also the username is my email address? Or are we going to get additional information?
    I apologize if you had sent this info in one of your earlier message, I may have missed it. Thank you very much and keep sticking and teaching us! Babs.

  3. congrates sis..we will support you

    On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 5:24 PM, Trish Burr Embroidery wrote:

    > trishburr posted: “Hello everyone I hope this finds you well? I am > excited to share with you that in the next few days we will be moving > across from ETSY to new premises. I have been with ETSY for many years now > and it has been a wonderful secure platform to sell my embr” >

  4. Excelente la página. Y viene con traductor a varios idiomas lo que me resulta muy fácil porque mi inglés es muy malo. Mucha suerte . Veronica

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