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  1. Hi Trish. Me again. Just a question, have you ever considered opening a Facebook page for your blog? Hazel Blomkamp has one and Di van Niekerk still has one although she is not active in selling anything anymore. You can use it when you want to launch a new product or book and you can have a link to your online shop. With the help of Inspirations Magazine you will quickly pick up likes and before you know you will have great following. You can advertise as well for a fee, but it is not necessary. You are well known and liked by so many in the embroidery world. If you do decide to go that route, I will promote you as well. Just a thought from my side 馃檪 xxx

    1. thanks Elza I have thought about it but have a LOT to cope with running the business, stitching etc etc and worried I wont have enough time for Facebook also:) I did have a facebook page once and closed it for that reason.

      1. Once you shop has grown so much you need extra staff, you can delegate this task to a staff member. In any case if you have something new I will only be too happy to share it on my embroidery page. Don’t worry I don’t expect anything in return, my main objective is not to allow embroidery to die, but to inspire more people to take up the craft 馃檪 love Elza xxx

      1. Already did 馃檪 This was the reaction so far. Hope you like it 馃檪 xxx

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        As most you of know Trish Burr is an Embroider par excellence. She has also written books about embroidery that are easy to read and understand. Trish has just opened an online shop selling the most delightful embroidery stuff! From patterns, threads fabric, you name it she has got it. Go and have a peak. 馃檪 xxx
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        Eunice Warne
        Eunice Warne Wonder if I could get things posted to New Zealand ?
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        Elza’z Embroidery
        Elza’z Embroidery Yes. Trish does international orders too. 馃檪
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        Siobhan Grant
        Siobhan Grant Nearly everything is sold out 鈽癸笍
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        Elza’z Embroidery
        Elza’z Embroidery I am sure she will stock up as soon a possible. xx
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  2. MY Darling daughter has done it again—-the comments are soooo true and I feel even more strongly. Your hard work has been rewarded. Well done Trish a deserved result fro mothers day. Love you xxxx

  3. Great. Can see myself doing damage here.
    Congratulations. Will be in South Africa in September, but really don’t need to leave my Lazy boy in New Zealand. Love your work.

  4. A wonderful new site!!! Stitching continues to get better with Trish Burr Designs and projects. Best wishes going forward.

  5. Wishing you only the best with your new shop Trish. I posted a link on my Embroidery page to promote it. I hope it will lead some of my friends there, to explore your website and e-shop. Love Elza Bester

  6. Hi Trish, and well done. The site looks great, and so pleased I can now see $AUD, and shipping options. All the usual wonderful products, but a much easier way to shop them. Congratulations.

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