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Hello everyone

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  There is a new product in the shop which I cant wait to share with you and I hope it makes you smile – it is a colouring book.

colouring 6

What gift can you give the needleworker who has everything?  Are you one of the thousands of adults who colour for relaxation and fun?

Over the years I have traced, and re-drawn, numerous outlines for use in my embroidery projects. It occurred to me that rather than being filed away,  these images could be put to further use – for coloring, embellishing craft pages or perhaps to re-create your own embroidery projects with outline/filling stitches.

colouring 3colouring 12

This pocket sized colouring book is a compilation of some of our favorites that have been adapted for use. A profusion of Flowers, birds, hearts, portraits, wreaths, mandalas, insects & butterflies, provide ideal illustrations for you to colour and embellish.

colouring 8

It has been designed to be portable, so you can take this little book along wherever you go.  If you are like me I can’t stitch when I travel so I often purchase a coloring book to keep my hands busy whilst sitting at airports, on buses or trains or just something to do when sitting in a waiting room.

colouring 7

This pocket sized colouring book measures just 11 x 14cm ( 4.3 x 5.5inches) and includes 30 clean, computer generated outlines from my collection of past/present embroidery designs.  Many, but not all, have been used for my embroidery kits, patterns and books in the past and will be familiar to you; whereas some images are from my personal library and never been seen before.

Colouring 2

I worked closely with the printer to ensure that it had all the qualities I like in a colouring book, and even coloured some of them in myself with markers to test them!  It is printed on high quality 170gsm paper that wont bleed through and is spiral bound so can be laid flat and you can tear off each page when completed and make it into a greeting card or something useful.  You can find the colouring book in the shop here.

colouring 11


The Needlepainting & Whitework Handbook has been given a new look to update it with the new branding that you will see on all my products (I will talk about this in the next blog post).  The content is the same but it has a new cover and the inside pages reflect the cover colours.  It is now back in stock and can be found in the shop here.

colouring 5

colouring 9

colouring 10

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.










2 thoughts on “New Colouring Book”

  1. Hi there, I would love to order your coloring book, but the shipping costs almost as much as the book. Is it possible for you to shop it by a slower and less expensive way?

    Lina Karman Sent from my I-Phone You are your own refuge. You are your own master. ~ Dalaï Lama

  2. I have tried ordering the new colouring book and paying with paypal but it won’t accept paypal although I use this way of paying very regularly, is there any way I can pay by using a credit card?


    Betty Watson

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