Amendment in Audrey

There are some errors on page 7 of the Audrey Pattern.  An addendum has been added to each kit and for those who have already purchased her, please find the amended page below and accept my apologies for any inconvenience.



6.  Lips
349 3865
Fill the lips with padded satin stitch in 349. Fill the background
with 646. Fill the teeth with 3865.

7.  Nails
Fill the nails with satin stitch in 349

8.  Ear
3865, 3799, 414
Outline the ear as for the face outline with 3865 & 3799.
Work the shading in adjacent rows of split stitch in 414

9.  Earring.
310, 317, 3770, 3799
Fill the earring centre with laid stitch. Add a base of satin stitch
in 310. On top of this add horizontal straight stitches in 317.
Secure each stitch with 317. Add french knots in 3770.  Fill the outer band with padded satin stitch in 3770. Add lines  in 3799.  Outline all in split stitch 3799.

Work the dangles in whipped split stitch in 3770 – add a few french knots at the base of each in 3770.

10. Neck
762 415 318 414
Fill the shadow on the neck in long & short stitch

11. Dress
3787, 3021, 3371, 310
Fill both sides of the dress with long & short stitch shading
from light to dark towards the neck. I used two
strands of thread for this area to fill it quickly.

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