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This week I am pleased to let you know that the new STITCH GUIDE is available in the Digital Store.  The stitch diagrams have all been updated and re-drawn so hopefully you will find them clear and easy to understand.  This is a basic guide to all the stitches used in my embroidery patterns.  It is free and available for use when you download a pattern in the digital store.   You can view the stitch diagrams here or download and print the PDF here.

Embroidery Stitch Guide 20181

Did you know that the PDF patterns now include a copy of the Embroidery Essentials with each purchase?  The Digital Store offers the full range of past and present embroidery patterns for instant download.  If a pattern is discontinued in the embroidery store it can be found in the digital store and you can purchase an iron on transfer to go with it.  There are also some patterns in this store that are not available in the main Embroidery store so please keep a look out for new releases or subscribe to the blog for email updates.



I have so many new patterns and ideas in the pipeline, but the thing I am most excited about is the possible introduction of online tutorials in the near future.  These will include video – This is work in progress as I am trying very hard to find the best way of providing clear, video tutorials for you –  I will keep you posted!


Thank you so much to those of you who kindly take the time to place reviews on my products.  It is very helpful to me and also to other customers who need more detail on an item.  Please understand that when you receive a review request in your email box this is sent to you by a service – it is a no reply email.  If you have a query on your order this is not the place to voice it as it will not come to my attention.  Please use use the online contact form to email customer service and your query will be dealt with swiftly.



Customer service is of utmost importance to me, it is vital that you are happy and satisfied with your order and the online shopping process.  We are only human and mistakes do happen from time to time, but it is our policy that if there is an error in your order, a replacement order will be sent immediately, and we do not require that you return the wrong item, it is yours to keep or pass on to a friend.


The main store will be closed till 29th April for stock taking, but the digital store will remain open.  Sorry for any inconvenience but it is necessary to keep the store well stocked for you!

Meanwhile, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling, and happy stitching!




9 thoughts on “STITCH GUIDE”

  1. I love the idea of having tutorials available for your patterns; I have bought some of your books and a couple of kits but I have just not had the courage to start yet even though I love specialty stitches and have done embroidery and crewel in the past. I have one of your DVD’s and an friend and I plan to stitch our kit together while watching the DVD. Thank you for the updates, and happy designing and stitching.

  2. Thank you so much for making your stitch guide available. It’s easy to use, well illustrated, and perfect for everyone! I cannot wait to use your “gift” on a regular basis.

  3. Thank you Trish for the new Large Image Stitch Guide. They are very helpful. I am very anxious to try the Securing Stitch. I don’t like knots either. I’m also looking forward to the tutorials.

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