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Hello everyone

Not sure if this is something we should be shouting from the rooftops but I believe you deserve to know the outcome of your generosity, so I am delighted to let you know that this month we have donated a total of $804 to the Fairtrade Foundation from last month’s sales of the Lala land digital pattern and embroidery kit.

lala land pic1

77 PDF patterns were sold in the digital store which is amazing!  Thank you for the wonderful,  response to this cause, it is very much appreciated.   Here is the reply from Fairtrade explaining how our donation will be used:

“Many farmers and workers across the developing world are struggling to get a fair deal. Fairtrade enables them to receive a fairer price for the things they grow as well as a little bit extra to spend on important projects for their communities, such as schools, hospitals and fresh water wells.

Your donation will help Fairtrade to provide assistance to farmers and workers to join Fairtrade – from training to increase yield and quality of crops, climate change adaptation and supporting woman farmers to stand up against gender bias.

Thank you for your support in shifting the power back to farmers. You’re giving them the chance to work their way out of poverty.”

If you would like to purchase a pattern you can find it here.  Have a wonderful week and keep smiling you deserve it!



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