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Hope your week is going well?  The Queen Bee Whitework with colour pattern pack is now available in the Embroidery Shop.  It includes printed linen fabric, needles and my new instruction format which I think you will find much easier to follow.

queen bee

queen bee 4


I am so sad to tell you that DMC France has discontinued the manufacture of DMC floche.  It may still be available from DMC USA but I am not sure, I have tried to make contact with them but am yet to receive a reply.  It will be available in the Embroidery shop whilst stocks last and thereafter it will no longer be obtainable.  I am looking into replacing it with DMC coton a broder for use in all my Whitework with colour patterns and for future patterns, will keep you posted on this.


Amina of Stitchfloral is doing a stitch along with the Magnolia needlepainting pattern from my book Long & Short Stitch Embroidery.  Her “Stitch Alongs” are excellent – she stitches the design and posts her progress so that others can follow at their own pace.  She has a lovely way of making it all very simple and understandable.  I am thrilled that she has chosen to do the Magnolia, it is not a new pattern but one of my favorites.  If you would like to follow her progress or join in you can find the post here.


Till next time wherever you are in the world keep smiling and happy stitching.



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