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Hope this finds you well and you are enjoying your summer holidays?

It always gives me a little thrill when I receive the email that tells me my new issue of Inspirations magazine has arrived!  As you probably know this is the world’s premier embroidery magazine from Australia and they are about to celebrate their 100th issue!  I have been subscribing to and contributing projects to Inspirations for about 20 years now and it just keeps getting better and better.


Although I have loved receiving the print copy in the past, our postal system to South Africa has become so unreliable that I opted for the digital subscription instead.   The digital subscription means I don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the post and I can download it to my Ipad and read it from the comfort of my armchair.  (sometimes I sneak a read on my computer when I am supposed to be working)…….. Reading it this way allows me to browse through the pages easily and to zoom in on the little details.

inspirations 2

There is a printable PDF provided for each project so you can print out the pattern and trace the outline, so clever!  Each issue is packed full of inspiring articles and there are so many beautiful projects to choose from, something for everyone.  I especially love reading the feature article and being kept informed on what is going on in the embroidery world, both past and present.  I feel privileged to be included in some of their editions and was especially honoured to be asked to contribute to their 100th anniversary edition which promises to be an exceptional issue – so look out for it.

You can find details on subscribing or purchasing a single copy here, and you can also purchase back issues and kits from the magazines while you are there.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.





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  1. Great to hear you are one of the contributors to Inspirations 100th anniversary issue, congratulations. Inspirations Magazine really is the most beautiful magazine in the world and I have every single issue. I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years and have done many of your beautiful embroideries. I was lucky enough to be in your classes at Beating Around the Bush 2012 and 2014 and I’m very excited to be going again this year in October, although disappointed that you’re not one of the tutors. Keep up your beautiful work. Kerry

  2. So happy to hear about this magazine! But why is the print subscription 23 and the digital 43? Am I missing something? I’m in America. I want the digital since I’ll be moving soon but geez double the price?

  3. Trish I to get the digital copy of inspirations have been since they started the digital. So much easier and the Magazine is so pricey here in Canada that the digital is the way to go. I also get my magazines from Zino. I downloaded your last stitch book have not really read it yet but will when I have a minute. I have all of your books read them from cover to cover love them.Thanks for all you write for us its a pleasure to read your books.
    Have a great day Lraine Winnipeg Canada

  4. I love, love, love, this book and have from the very beginning. I have every issue, both print, then went to digital… This is where I learned about you and your beautiful work…. and to think it took Stitch Floral to give me the confidence to do Needle Painting. Love my Magnolia. People are amazed at the work. Thank you. Looking forward to see more of your work.

  5. Just to add to information about the inspirations magazine. I also love the weekly newsletter. To receive the newsletters you could subscribe online. Enjoy

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  6. Im looking forward to reading mine when I return to SA! Well done, Trish!
    I have also ordered a copy of “Passion” …..this arrived yesterday and I was delighted to see your contribution.💕

  7. Thank you for that info. I am moving back to SA in the new year and that I believe is the way to go with the unreliable postal system. Wouldn’t have thought to do that . Thanks again

  8. Congratulations Trish, you deserve to be in the 100th issue. I have followed your career along with so many wonderful artists. Having grown up in Adelaide I felt very proud of my home town producing such a brilliant magazine and hence have followed Inspirations from day 1 and can say I have every single issue.

    Well done Trish and wishing you all the best for all your new ventures.

    Cheers …. Terry & Helen


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