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Hello everyone

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer holidays?  It has been freezing cold and raining with snow on the mountains here in the Cape, lovely weather for stitching!

Digital Store Closed

The big news is that the digital store has closed.   All PDF patterns can now be accessed from the Embroidery Store – there will now be one main store, with two sections, which will be a lot more convenient for you in the future.  For those customers who had a registered account in the Digital Store, your accounts have been moved across to the Embroidery store for your convenience and you will be able to log in as before.  If for any reason you experience problems logging in please contact us and we will resolve this for you asap.


Access to previous files

Orders placed in the last 3 months will be available till the end of September, thereafter they will no longer be in the system and we cannot re-send or access them.  For Help with PDF files please see here.

Download Limits

The download period has been increased from 30 – 60 days for each PDF pattern.  Please download your pattern when you receive it, and save it to a folder on your computer or tablet so that you can access it in the future.  Find more information on downloading your PDF file.  We have experienced illegal re-selling and sharing of our patterns online and this is a necessary, preventative measure to stop this occurring in the future.

New Patterns

There are 5 new PDF patterns available in the store – some of them are previous patterns from my DVD which is shortly to be discontinued.  The DVD was filmed many years ago before the advent of HD and unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade the quality of the video to meet the current day standards.  Click on each picture to access the pattern:

Nature’s Delight
Bluebird & Blossoms
icelandic poppy
Icelandic poppy
victorian pansy2
Victorian Pansy

colouring book new

Cotton Project Bags

Sadly,  we are no longer able to manufacture the cotton project bags so these have been  discontinued.

DMC Cotton Floche

There are very limited stocks left, as it is no longer available in Europe and the price of importing it from the USA has proved cost prohibitive.  It has been replaced with the gorgeous DMC Coton A Broder from France which can be used successfully in place of Floche in all Whitework with colour projects.

Donations to Victoria Falls

Thank you once again for your overwhelming generosity.  Donations are now closed and I will report back at the end of September as to the total donations and what they have been used for.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


8 thoughts on “PDF Patterns”

  1. Hi Trish

    Not sure if this will go to you… I have a question. I am writing this from England so can’t really afford to buy kits from you. However I do have your wonderful book White Work with Colour and have done a couple of embroideries from it. I want to buy a present for a friend of mine and the blue bird shown in your latest email looks just what I want. My question (before I buy the pdf) is – how many threads are involved? I would need to buy her complete skeins from here in England, but at approx £1 each it could cost much more than I can afford, so I need to know how many are involved.

    Here are some of my own embroideries:

    Sent fr I love them. Kind regards Dorothy (Thompson)


  2. Hi Trish Question can one buy the actual colouring book or is it just PDF download? It looks beautiful.

    We are going into fall here some very hot days and the next day very cool. Thanks for the wonderful patterns.

    Regards LaRaine Winmill Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


    1. Hi LaRaine. It was previously available as a printed colouring book but is out of stock – discontinued and now available as a PDF. Trish

  3. Bonjour Trush,
    You can allo use the BRODER SPÉCIAL de Dmc n 20,25,30 it’s similar of the floche and still sent. I had made the lion with it, it’s gone well.

  4. Hi Trish, this new cotton a broder , are you only stocking white or can I order the other colours Kind Regards Jenny

    Sent from my iPhone


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