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Hello Everyone

Hope you are having a lovely week?  In response to requests for Geisha girl in print I am pleased to let you know that for a limited time only and whilst stocks last Geisha is available as a printed booklet.


As you know I am no longer providing pattern kits but you asked oh so nicely ……. so this is my Christmas gift to you and my printer thanks you!  It does not include fabric or needles so you will still need to provide these and of course you can get an optional iron on transfer to go with.

Au Ver A Soie d’alger silk USA

Cathe Ray of Needle In A Haystack has kindly provided this information on Number 4106 – it is black or noir.  Thanks so much Cathe.

Au Ver A Soie d’alger silk UK & Europe

I know some of you in UK and Europe have been battling to find all the Soie d’alger silk colours for this design – there are not many but it seems that the main outlets are not keeping a full stock so the manufacturers have provided some additional suppliers:

UK :

France :

Germany :

You can of course substitute with DMC but it is really worth considering spending the extra and using the silk for this pattern as it will make all the difference.  I have become very fond of using Soie d’alger it is an absolute joy to work with and provides a beautiful sheen to the stitching.  Many of the botanical projects that I am working on for the Royal Botanic Kew book use Soie d’alger silk so encourage your local stockists to keep a good stock!

Transfer Pack 9

All the individual iron on transfers have been combined into one new bundle Transfer Pack 9 – as per the other bundles transfer pack 1 – 8.  This is a much more cost effective, convenient way of buying iron on transfers as it means you have several iron on transfers to hand and should you wish to purchase a PDF pattern you can get stitching right away without having to wait for the transfer to be shipped.

transfer pack 9

The transfer pack includes 14 iron on transfers for different projects.  If you are looking for a transfer for a particular project an image of each one is shown in the description so just browse through the transfer packs to find it.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, have a great weekend and happy stitching!



17 thoughts on “Limited Edition Geisha Print”

  1. bonjour Trich
    j’ai achetée votre geisha et votre oiseau european et je m’aperçois que je ne peux plus convertir en français vos explications qui me seraient bien utiles pour broder
    pouvez vous me permettre de les traduire je vois que maintenant ils modèles sont bloqués merci de me renseigner
    amicalement paulette vancaeneghem

  2. Bonjour Trish, j’ai bien reçu aujourd’hui, le livret et le transfert, service très rapide et, bien prévenue, sans supplément de douane !!! En attendant votre prochaine création pour m’éblouir de votre talent !!!

  3. Bonjour Trish, j’ai commandé hier, le livret et transfert Geisha, je pense que je ferai la broderie qu’au beau jour !!! J’ai déjà réalisé le kit des 2 petites mésanges, la douane avait ouvert, mais je n’ai eu aucune taxe en août dernier. Merci pour vos très jolis projets !!! Je ne manque pas de vous suivre 😊

  4. Trish thank you for this beautiful design, after reading about it, I went to your online shop with the intentions of buying it. I ended up buying it and the transfer and five other PDF files. I just love your birds, if I could I would buy each one.
    Thank you and take care

  5. I tried to purchase the booklet and iron on pattern with paypal and was rejected. My paypal account is in good order so I am confused why I eas refused.


    Joyce Reft


    1. Hi Joyce sorry you are having a problem with your order. It is better to contact us using the contact on the shop as this is a different site. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for making your patterns available via pdf thereby saving me shipping fees. The shipping fees to Canada often make a project too expensive for me to consider.

    I stitch everything from my laptop so I can easily enlarge the patterns/instructions (for old eyes). The pdf saves me the extra step of scanning the project (for my own use, obviously). This also makes it easy for me to enlarge/reduce the pattern as I desire before I print the pattern for tracing with the light box. I love designers that make their designs available via email.

    1. Thanks Vickie I am so glad you like the PDF format and love the way you have explained the reasons and how you use them – sure this will be helpful to other customers! As you know I am downsizing on shippable products but the PDF patterns will continue to exist and will be added to every now and then so you will have plenty to keep you busy😊 Trish

  7. Hi Trish,

    Thank you for all the updates. I just wanted to let you know that I have a hand embroidery business in Australia and I keep the entire range of Au Ver a Soie d’Alger in stock (over 620 colours). As customers are finding it hard to get colours, I thought I would let you know. We supply internationally as well as within Australia. Inspirations had a post about my business just last week. I have attached a screenshot of the Inspirations post as well as a link to my business:


    Hand Embroidery Supplies, Hand Embroidery, Embroidery Welcome to Hand Embroidery Supplies. Hand Embroidery Supplies is a specialist hand embroidery store, presenting a vast collection of threads, ribbons, beads, lace, books and other essential and exquisite embroidery items.

    [cid:92707ba7-9b17-41f6-ae3f-b973045654d5] Thank you again for your newsletters and good luck with your new venture.

    Kind Regards, Frideh


  8. Hi Trish, Thank you so much for making this fabulous pattern available to your fans in a printed booklet.  I have all of your boxes and absolutely love them, especially Whitework With Colour.

    I should very much like to order the Geisha Print booklet together with the iron-on transfer.  However, in the U.K. we are charged rather high import taxes, and have to pay Royal Mail handsomely for the pleasure of collecting those taxes, on goods purchased from outside the E.U. unless the package is clearly marked with each item inside along with its individual value.  If that is not shown, Customs assume that import duty is payable on the contents and I do not get my package until the duty is paid.  Of couse, I’m not alone in this and have no doubt this practice is widespread.

    As my intended purchase is: a book which is zero-rated V.A.T. in the U.K. and an iron-on transfer with a value of less than the £15 on which import duty becomes payable, there is no requirement for me to pay import duty.  However, I have made it as far as the checkout page but have not seen any special instructions box where I could request that this information is shown clearly on the outside of the package. I should very much appreciate your advice on how to proceed with this and look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards.Penelope Peek

    1. Hi Penelope I sympathise we pay huge duties on everything that comes into South Africa. I am aware that the UK is one of the countries that charge import duties and taxes as is Canada, Brazil and many countries in Europe. I see that for some reason the add a note function for customers is missing so I will look into that. There is no need to put in any special instructions when we ship by Fedex courier we are required to include two copies of the invoice listing every item and the price with the parcel. The package is checked by the customs department at Fedex to ensure that all the details are correct before it leaves the country. I was advised by customs that if we put for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES on the invoice that the duties would be less and we now include this statement on the invoice. We will do our best to make sure that you do not get charged too much for your duties and taxes😊 Trish

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