Happy New Year

Hello everyone

Happy New year and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!   2019 is going to be a wonderful creative year, I can “feel it in my bones”!

Online Shop

The online store is now open for business.  We have had a little tidy up over the festive season and you will find a clean new look that hopefully provides you with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.  The online store now includes three main shops:

shop banner

Embroidery ShopPDF Patterns, Materials & a new PDF Help section.

Art ShopMiniatures and Embroidery art for sale.

Book Shop – Information on all my published books and where to buy them.  New information on books in Foreign languages is available.

Following that is a Gallery and Help & Support section.  The Help & Support includes FAQ, Resources, Video tutorials, and How To’s.  Please feel free to browse and familiarize yourself with the new layout and if you have any questions and can’t find the answer in the FAQ section you are welcome to email me.

Art Shop.

There are several new embroidery pieces available in the art shop.  I have divided this into two sections – Embroidery and miniatures.  Over the years I have stitched hundreds of embroidery designs, some of these now grace the homes of friends or loved ones but I have many others in storage and it is time that these were shared with the world. Each piece has been blocked and freshly mounted on to acid free card ready for framing/display.


The theme for 2019 is all about miniatures.  As mentioned last year I hope to pursue my career as an embroidery artist and to create more complex and unique pieces in a variety of threads.  Some of these are for commissions and others will be offered for sale as and when available.  The holiday gave me time to play around with different concepts and try out new ideas – although not all the ideas have come to fruition it was a lot of fun testing them out.  I looked to the masters such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and many more, and decided to try and recreate these masterpieces in a slightly more contemporary form,  in miniature – each piece is approx 2.5 x 3 inches.   I am still experimenting, and so this is still very much work in progress – my work space is littered  with threads of every description and colour and I am in a happy place doing my thing!

Here is one example of a painting by Matisse that I completed over the holiday.  I have included a photo of the original so you can see:


New Embroidery Patterns

Of course as promised I will continue to add new embroidery patterns to the PDF collection as and when time allows.  If you would like to see anything in particular such as miniatures, whitework or needlepainting please leave a comment.  What do you think about having some of the historical miniatures produced as patterns?

New To Embroidery

To those of you who would like to take up embroidery but are not sure where to start – there are plenty of tutorials, videos, beginner patterns and books to get you started.  You can find more information on the site here.

New Book

Last but definitely not least is completion of the new book for Kew Gardens.  I am working on the final stitching in the next few weeks and the manuscript is due for delivery by June 2019. The release date is uncertain but it should be before the end of this year, I will keep you posted on this.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world I hope 2019 brings peace, fulfillment and happiness.  Keep smiling and stitching (preferably both at the same time!)






14 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. As a very proud mother, I dont comment much as they all know how I admire
    Trishs work and fail to work out where the talent came from. But the Matisse miniature has taken my breath away . Exquisite detail and brilliant shading.
    Well done Trish from your proud mother who loves you dearly and you amaze me with your ingenuity. Keep going and giving so much pleasure. xxx

  2. Your miniature of Matisse is spot on! I would love to see the pdf files available. For needlepainting I prefer smaller patterns so I love this idea. I want to learn more about the whitework patterns but I have other projects to finish first!

    1. Great thanks Gillian that is very helpful. I read the results of a survey on Instagram where they asked readers if they preferred small or large embroidery projects and 85% said small as they finish more quickly and can move on to something else. Not sure that my detailed miniatures can be finished quickly but they will be a good challenge on a smaller scale. Trish

      With kind regards


      Cape Town, South Africa

  3. Hi Trish. This is really inspirational; thank you. Is Monet in your thoughts?….and on a different note, Gustav Klimt? With all the detail of textures in his work, that could be an exiting challenge! Keep us inspired!….

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