Embroidery Pattern Survey

Hello Everyone

How are you today?  I need your help with choosing designs for new & future embroidery patterns.  Please could you take a minute to write a comment on this Blog post with your choices from the images below.   The images below are samples only and will not be exactly the same – it is just to get an idea of your preferences.  My question is this:

What designs would you like to see more of in new and future needle painting embroidery designs?  What size would you prefer, small or medium?

Your comment could read something like this:   I would like to see more of 1, 5, 8.  Small designs.

Thank you so much,  hope you have a wonderful week, keep smiling & happy stitching.





342 thoughts on “Embroidery Pattern Survey

  1. my preferred are 1,3, 7, 9,10 in size medium. Actually I just love all your needle painting projects although my preferences are birds and flowers. You are such a great artist.


  2. I love the birds and would like to try the landscapes sometime as long as they are not too big. You do still have the Australian animals in your idea file I hope. There are some amazing birds eg. The gouldian finch is one I’ve looked at so often but was not sure if I could choose the right colours.


  3. I would like to see 3 and 11 in small size.
    Thank you for sharing your freebie designs. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfullness.


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