Inspirations Magazine

Hello everyone, hope your week is going well. We continue to do battle with power cuts but we have managed to get up to date with shipping orders so your embroidery goodies are on the way.

Inspirations Magazine

Issue 105 of Inspirations magazine features my Hummingbird & Flower project on the front cover – I feel very honored, thank you Inspirations! The issue has shipped to subscribers & is now also available for purchase at retail outlets. So if you would like your own copy you can purchase either the magazine in print or download a digital copy at Inspirations Studios online.

Inspirations Magazine is the world’s premium embroidery magazine, edited and published in Australia by Inspirations Studios. I am sure many of you are already subscribers but if not you may like to consider a digital subscription to save on shipping costs? It is a real treat to receive this bi-monthly magazine in your inbox.

This issue features elegant and timeless projects that are simply irresistible. There are lots of beautiful projects included to inspire and wet your appetite. There is a Goldwork masterpiece by Alison Cole, exciting designs by new contributors Cynthia Jackson and Georgina Bellamy, a Japanese-style bead embroidery by Margaret Lee and a superb, small Blackwork cushion, by new contributor Christine Burton. There is a delightful embroidered blanket by Yvonne McMillan Betts and intriguing botanical embroidery by Gary Clarke.


As you know about 18 months ago, I had to discontinue the production of kits due to time limitations, but the good news is that last year I signed an agreement with Inspirations Studios to license and sell some of my patterns as kits. These are now available exclusively from Inspirations and can be shipped worldwide. They are beautifully compiled and include only the finest materials including my Premium Belgium linen. You can find these kits for sale here.

Gutermann Threads

Please accept my apologies for a slight error in the Love Of Wrens pattern with regards the use of outline threads. The digital pattern has been amended and an amendment has been included in the Inspirations kit. You can download the updates here.

Miniature Needle Painting Book

You can find a list of DMC substitutes for the Gutermann outline threads formerly used in this book here.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world keep smiling and happy stitching.


5 thoughts on “Inspirations Magazine”

  1. Trish I have just completed the Xhosa lady and just love her. You are right about using a magnifying glass! I also found it much easier to work without the frame. Just commencing on the hummingbird from your book and using silk threads this time in blues.

  2. Your work is just lovely! Inspiring.
    I have a technical question, what do you use when your fingers are too slippery to hold the needle? My accuracy is awful when the needle slips every time I start a stitch.

    1. I use a mild dish washer with lemon in and wash my hands often. You will need to cream your hands at night or they will dry out! Also it helps if you stitch in a cool environment and try a Bohin needle they are easier to grip.

  3. Hi Trish, I was so excited to see the picture of your Hummingbird on the front cover of Inspirations, It is on the next project to do. I have most of your books except for Whitework with Colour I borrow this from the library and am so looking forward to seeing your new book.
    Your designs have been my lifesavers my son was very ill for sometime and stitching ‘The Forest Kingfisher’ from ‘Passion for Needlework’ Inspirations publication helped me bigtime it took me 10 weeks to complete and I was very pleased with it .
    I have question regarding the Hummingbird I noted you didn’t state to outline the design with split stitch. Is this recommended with all of your designs?
    Raewyn B

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