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Hello everyone

How are you doing? Firstly, thank you so much for your heartfelt messages and thoughts in response to the passing of my Dad last week. I was so touched and it was very much appreciated.

My thoughts go out to you all across the world as we go into self isolation in a worldwide effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many of us possibly feel out of our depths with the stay at home restrictions, no work, no where to go and certainly no routines could make us all a little crazy – but not embroiderers!! We relish the extra time to start a new project or catch up on our embroidery – what a good opportunity to sit down and stitch without having to justify the time?

Embroidery provides freedom from stress and anxiety. Keeping your hands busy, and your thoughts focused on the enjoyment, beauty and satisfaction of the task at hand. All problems are left behind in this realm of peace and calm – it get us through the tough times.


Distance Learning Embroidery Classes

This period may be the ideal opportunity to learn a new skill or brush up on your existing skills. I have been working on these embroidery classes for many months, and am pleased to let you know that Level one and two are now available. I have released these early so that you can get started and Level three will follow shortly – the classes on offer are:

Level 1 Shalimar, Level 2 Blue Dragonfly, Level 3 Belted Kingfisher at sunrise.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to do successful long and short stitch shading, or know how to achieve that beautiful glow that shading creates in your embroidery? The Art of Shading With Trish Burr is a series of distance learning classes from entry to intermediate level with myself as your tutor.


This is my most comprehensive study on the art of shading to date. I have tried to structure the classes so that they will cater for everyone, for those who are familiar with technology and those who are not so familiar with it. The classes are open to all – they are not restricted to a select few or first come, first served as I have included the necessary tuition into the notes for each class, so it can be worked on remotely at your own pace.


The class notes are provided as a PDF digital download and each student will have password access to a private members area , on this site where I will post Tutor’s hints and tips on the project, together with some video demos for the stitches. You can work from the comfort of your home, take as long as you need, there is no expiry date.

I have based my approach to distant learning on the same methods I use in my classroom. By anticipating the needs of the student at every stage of the project I have been able to provide help and answers in the form of hints, tips and images to demonstrate. These are posted in your Members area which can be accessed with your password.


The members area can be found on this site under CLASSES on the Main menu. Each student will have private access by using the password that is provided with their download. It includes lots of Tutor tips and additional information on how to stitch the project plus links to some useful short videos.


You can either print out your notes or view them from your Tablet/PC. Either way you will be able to sit in your favorite armchair with the notes at hand whilst you stitch.


You can choose to register for all three classes as a complete study course, or just choose one or two individual classes, it is entirely up to you. Each level introduces a new aspect of shading and is designed to follow on from the previous one, helping you to progress from basic to more advanced shading.


One of the most significant features of these classes is that they can be studied by students from all over the world as it includes a translation feature.

International students can use the translation feature on this site and in the Members area to translate the instructions into their own language. All the most widely spoken languages are available, if we don’t have your language covered let us know we will add it to the list.

Translation button at top of page.

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Botón de traducción en la parte superior de la página.

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Each class is divided into five Parts:

  • Part 1 …………… Materials And Preparation
  • Part 2 …………… Learn The Stitches
  • Part 3 …………… Project Stitching
  • Part 4 …………… Project Outlines
  • Part 5 …………… Completion


All shipping has been suspended till further notice as the courier companies are not delivering Internationally during the lockdown. However, there is a list of materials included in your notes which specifies exactly what materials you will need for your project so you can get started right away. Perhaps you have a stash of fabric, threads and needles at home, or are still able to order these online for delivery to your door?


As these are extraordinary circumstances and you may not be able to order materials online, I have added a special MATERIALS SUBSTITUTE paragraph in the Members Area – which gives some suggestions on where you might find the fabric, threads, needles etc needed for your project by looking around your home – such as the linen cupboard (ha ha) – us Embroiderers are innovative and can always make a plan!!


Some people have gathered together to form online stitching groups, such a brilliant idea! Perhaps you might like to sign up for a class with some friends and have a virtual “Stitch Along” so you can compare notes and ideas – this can be done by email, or forming a group chat on Wattsapp or connecting on FaceTime, Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom. My daughters in London are having zoom dinner parties and my teenage daughter gets together with some friends every few days to have a Netflix party so lets have our own embroidery party!


If you just want to settle down with a new project, all embroidery patterns are still available for instant digital download – you can find them here.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling, stay positive and remember you are not alone we are all in this together, “we can get through this and we will get through this” (Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon) Let’s unite in our common love of embroidery, and make the world a more beautiful place, one stitch at a time.


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  1. Excellent ideas . This will help a lot of bored people and create lots of interest. well done Trish proud mother xxx

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