Project Two mini journal

Hello Everyone

Hope this finds you well? We are having such lovely weather here in Cape town, something to be grateful for!

Here is project two for your mini journal – Miss daisy bumble bee. You can download the PDF here.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


39 thoughts on “Project Two mini journal”

  1. Thank-you Trish for the lovely free patterns, its very kind of you and much appreciated.

  2. Thankyou so much Trish for sharing the joy of making the mini journel with us and for the free patterns as well, I very much appreciate it. I know I shall enjoy every minute of making this beautiful journal.

  3. What a stunning design. I cannot wait to get stitching it. So far in the last few days I have stitched kitties in a teacup, a kitten on a pile of wool, sheep on a hillside and now this beautiful design will be next. Thank you so much yippee!

  4. Merci beaucoup, même si je ne comprends pas tout ce que vous écrivez, mon anglais appris à l’école est bien loin, et comme je l’ai appris dans les livres, je n’ai jamais su le , mais je comprends un peu l’écrit.J’apprécie les “cadeaux” que vous nous envoyez pendant le confinement : heart, bee.En ce moment je brode la giraffe.
    Encore merci,En France lundi 11, on pourra un peu plus sortir

  5. Thanks again,Trish! He is really so delightful. I long to have my stash close by!

  6. Thank you very much For your PDF it.s very kind of you. It.s always a pleasure to read you and to discover your embroidery.
    I am going to spend the lockdown to learn the needle painting with your books.
    Take care of you. Best regards. Cécile from France

  7. Hello everyone. Question: do I NEED the “interface” or whatever it was to make my pages more rigid?…. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lina, Before interfacing was invented we used to leave the bottom edge of the pages open, insert thin cardboard then fold the raw edges Then use ladder or top sewing stitch to sew the edges shut.

      1. Thanks for answering Carol – would you like a job as my virtual assistant (ha ha)! I agree with you this is another way to create stiffer pages and will look great. You could also use my instructions for mounting on to card – you would have to use a very lightweight card, you can find them here;
        You will have to ensure that the centre (fold line) is left free so that you can stitch through it as it will not work with card. Trish

    2. Hi LIna you could use Carol’s suggestions of inserting card or you could just use a thicker piece of fabric as an interfacing/vilene if you don’t have any on hand. It will make your pages less floppy. Trish

    3. FYI – the reason we add interfacing/vilene to the pages is to make them sturdier, however you don’t want them too thick as you still need to stitch through the pages down the centre fold when you assemble your book. The instructions show you how to use an awl/hammer and nails to make holes which works well through layers of fabric but would be virtually impossible through card. Suggest if you use card that you leave a gap down the centre of each page so that it is easier to assemble the pages.

      Also you don’t need to worry about the page assembly right now. Just stitch the projects on each page and then when we have completed all 12 projects we will assemble the pages. Unless you are in a hurry then go ahead!

  8. Merci beaucoup! Pour moi, vos modèles sont comme un rayon de soleil dans la neige qui tombe encore au Québec!! Merci!

  9. Thank you so much. As soon as I get settled in my new place, I will give it my best.

  10. I love the bumble bee. He looks ready to fly off the page and settle on my flowers.
    Thank you for the lovely gift.

  11. This bee is so cute, thank you very much for this nice gift, waiting a few days to go see it for real !! Chantal from France

  12. Thank you! This will be a fun project. Are you doing the embroidery directly on the page or on another piece of fabric and attaching that to the page?

    1. Am embroidering directly on the page. You will see in the book layout that in step 1 you trace and cut out the pages, then mount into a hoop and do the stitching. Once the stitching has been done on both sides of the double page – put aside. Finally we will sew up each page, and compile into a book.

  13. Thank you so much -a little gift for us mothers -to celebrate what makes us buzz🌻🌻🌻

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