Project six mini journal

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

Here is project six for the mini journal, you can download it here.


You will be pleased to hear that Fedex has notified me that normal shipping will resume soon, so the shop will re-open for business on 29th June.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


18 thoughts on “Project six mini journal”

  1. I am just loving working on these little pieces for the journal Trish. Currently, on the go for me are: Champagne, the journal and Royal Blue fairy wren. I have also purchased the level 3 course. I am convinced that Thread painting is my own personal favourite style of embroidery and you are such an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for these wonderful embroideries, I am gradually working through them but I have a problem with some of the threads for projects 5 &6. Project 5 needs no 32, and project 6 has 30 & 34. I presume these are Anchor numbers as DMC don’t go down to these low numbers, but Anchor don’t seem to produce any of these numbers. Have you any idea what I can use instead. I am in England.

      1. Hi Trish
        Thank you for your reply
        I had completely forgotten those new colours in DMC. I did get the set when they came out but never managed to integrate them into my stock. I have Corona in the brain I think!!
        thanks again for your lovely projects.

  3. Another lovely design Trish. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your designs and journal pattern with us. It’s the perfect way to keep stitched items and although I’m quite new to embroidery, I’m loving it and am very pleased with my efforts so far.

  4. Grand merci chère Dame, les patrons que vous nous avez offerts pour le petit journal sont de très belle qualité et agréable à réaliser. Bonne semaine de Québec Canada
    Micheline Guillemette

  5. Thank you so much Trish for generously sharing your designs
    I have completed the book cover and the first 2 designs and eagerly look forward to every new week
    I am a GP in Australia and have found the past 9 weeks particularly challenging, I have found daily stitching on your designs especially good for my health. Threadpainting is a technique that I am still developing and I am finding your designs are just the right size and intricacy for me, my confidence is growing daily. I am hoping by the end of this project to be able to tackle the 3 landscapes I have purchased from you. Now I have the 4th to add to my “to do” list
    A heart felt thank you again for your generosity….Dragica Sosa

    1. I am the same as you. After a chaotic day with so many demands with so many people , thread painting takes me to a quiet and beautiful place.Jenny Sudbury

    2. Am so glad embroidery is helping you through this stressful time and that the mini journal projects are helping you to develop your skills. It is my great pleasure. Trish

    3. I am so pleased to see that another Australian is enjoying Trish’s journal. I am really adding to my thread supply now. I have done the Tuscan landscape and it is just beautiful. Am working on Champagne as well as the journal but I am now retired from 50 years of nursing. Thanks for all that you do.

  6. Just love this, Trish. The quote has a special meaning for me….brings back childhood memories!,Thank you.

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