20 thoughts on “Project seven mini journal”

  1. I watched sewing street with your new book. I am continually delighted with your work however this book blew me away Trish! Absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to buy my copy. Congratulations

  2. No need to apologize, you are doing this for us for free out of the goodness of your heart! Thank you!!!

  3. I am just so excited and happy to be able to download your beautiful designs. Waiting a little extra time is not a problem xxx stay safe. Greetings from Australia

  4. Thank you Trish for sharing your work with everyone. I haven’t started as I’m waiting on a printer but am so looking forward to beginning. Your new book looks stunning.

  5. Thank you for letting us know!! I totally understand.
    Thank you for sharing your artistic talents with us!! And congratulations on your new book.


  6. Take your time, Trish. We are in no hurry, I haven’t even started mine yet. Congratulations on your book. I saw Mary Corbet’s review of the book and it looks like one I’d like to own.

  7. Appreciate how busy life and work gets, take care and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with everyone .

  8. as buzy bees around the world can confirm, there are always ways to finish a project and I haven’t even started on this booklet – it’ so beautifull but I said to myself : first finish the WIP’s and then start in all tranquility so it gives credit to the designer.- we all cope with this virus our own way- we stitchers create our own time-consuming virus : embroidery on all its forms.

  9. I can imagine you have your hands full. Congrats on your new book. Can’t wait for number7. Thanks for keeping my hands occupied I just love it.

  10. Don’t worry, you are keeping me busy with the others you have given me. They are the perfect size to stitch to use for the ‘tri-fold’ cards. I have your new book pre-ordered. Another beautiful book by Trish

  11. Please don’t apologise – so generous what you are giving us! I have actually been too busy as well to even start these but so looking forward to working on it soon. Your work is totalling inspirational. Best wishes from Northern Ireland.

  12. Gracias Trish y tranquila , termina todo lo que tienes que hacer nosotras te esperamos, saludos

  13. Je suis toujours très en attente du projet nouveau, tant j aime broder ce petit livre. J en suis a l iris et je prends énormément du plaisir. Merci beaucoup.

  14. I can imagine you’re very busy with the new book! And no worries, I’m still catching up; I’m on project 3. I absolutely loved the bee!

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