Iron on transfers for Kew Book

Hello everyone.

There seems to be some confusion with the iron on transfers for the new Kew Book Of Embroidered Flowers, so I would like to clarify:

Blank pages in transfer folder

iron on transfers in folder

When you remove the iron on transfers from their folder you may think the pages are blank? There are blank pages between the iron on transfers to prevent damage en-route. Please remove these blank pages and you will see the iron on transfer pages behind.

Iron on transfer pages. Source

Method for using iron on transfers

Your iron on transfer should be crisp and clear, if you find you are getting a faint outline please try this method instead, it may work better for you. It is the reverse of the method outlined in the book, instead of placing the fabric on top of the transfer, place the transfer on top of the fabric.

Set the iron to the hottest dry setting and press the cotton or linen fabric to remove
creases and pre-heat it.

Cut out the transfer

Place the transfer face down on top of the fabric. Ensure it is centered on the fabric.

Place the hot iron on top of the iron on transfer and hold in place for about a minute.
(or less depending on the heat of your iron, you want to avoid scorching your fabric)
Do not move the iron around, just hold in place to prevent the lines from bleeding.

Lift and remove the transfer and the outline will be printed on to your fabric.

Iron the print one last time to set it.

Iron on transfer test

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


13 thoughts on “Iron on transfers for Kew Book”

  1. My favorite book of all time and im 68! Cant wait to explorer a new piece on some pretty fabric from your lovely book.

  2. Hi Trish! I live in Brazil, I received your book today. It arrived quickly and it is beautiful! I am very happy to be able to start using it.
    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person!

  3. Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful book… It is sooo beautiful. Received it in mail yesterday. I love it. You out did yourself.

  4. thank you so much I was confused and now I am not. Beautiful Beautiful book for years I was a Botanical artist till my hands got bad can hardly wait to start this. Thank You Linda

    1. HI Connie, yes you can definitely use them more than once. It depends on factors like the heat of your iron – the first will be dark, the second a bit more faded and so on. You can safely use them 1 – 3 times, maybe more. Trish

  5. Trish I just received my book yesterday. I was blown away. It is drop-dead gorgeous! I can’t wait to start on the projects!

  6. Thank you for this. The printing on my transfer sheets seems very faint. I haven’t tried using them yet. Will they come up any darker when I iron them onto fabric?

    1. Hi Dinah. Try placing the transfer paper on top of the fabric. It helps if you pre-heat your fabric first and then put the transfer on top. Use a hot iron without any steam – you should get a dark line as shown in the photo above. Trish

    2. sorry misread your message – you are saying that the print on the paper is faint right? Yes thats normal it will come out a lot darker on the fabric.

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