Sale of books in South Africa

Hello everyone

This post is for my South African customers. There seems to be some confusion about ordering the Kew book on my site. The Kew book is on offer for overseas customers as it is shipped direct from the UK and not from South Africa.

When you checkout you will receive a message to say it does not ship to your destination, as of course it does not make sense to ship books from the UK to SA, it would take months especially with the current situation. I do not have copies of the book in South Africa yet – there have been delays due to Covid and I am hoping they will be here by next month.

In the meantime you can order a copy from Exclusive Books online – they have an estimated delivery of about 3 weeks.

Hope this makes sense? I apologize for the delay but it is completely out of my hands.


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  1. Buenos días trish. Vivo en argentina y tus libros no llegan aquí (o por lo menos no los he visto). Quería saber si se comercializa la versión electrónica de tus publicaciones. Muchas gracias y realmente tus trabajos son una obra de arte.

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