Stitch along part four

Hello everyone

This week we continue stitching project 12 of the mini journal. If you have missed any of the previous posts you can find them here, or by scrolling down to see previous posts:

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Projects 1 – 11 for the mini journal.

Here is the flower and outlines diagram as a reminder from last week.


Start by outlining the two front Sepals with split stitch in one strand of cotton in 604. We are not outlining the two back petals at this stage, because I want them to recede slightly into the background. If we add an outline underneath long & short stitch it raises the edges so that they appear to be sitting on top of the petals in the background. However we are going to add an outline on the two back petals afterwards for definition, you will see how this works as we go along.

Fill each sepal with long & short stitch as shown – start with the back two sepals – work from the top of each petal down towards the base. We will start with those petals that are furthest away and work towards those that are in the front.



You never, never want straight lines in your long and short stitch – this cause bands of colour which look rigid. You want your shading to flow and each colour should blend into the next, so make sure that you stagger the stitches in each line to avoid rigid bands of colour.

If you find that you do have this situation you can go back afterwards and add in a few stitches to break up the line as shown in this video. (fast forward through the intro and mute the music if you want:))


Finally add an outline in split stitch using one strand of 3041. FYI the reason I chose this sort of dull grape colour for the outline is because I want it to be subtle. I would normally use a shadow colour which is a shade of brown grey but wanted a bit of pink in there to pick up the pink sepals, so this is a good mix of brown, grey and pink (if you can imagine mixing these colours in watercolour, this would be the resulting colour?) The point is whenever you choose a colour for outlining choose a dull, shadow colour.


So here is the completed flower project and I think it is looking lovely, what do you think? Can you see how the light and shadow enhances the embroidery and makes it come alive? Can you see how the outlines make it pop? Don’t forget to sign your work, this is normally done in a place that is close to the flower so that it looks like it is part of the embroidery.

I am going to take some time out to prepare the mini journal assembly, and will meet you back here on Friday 30th October, when we will construct our pages and cover. After all these months of stitching it will be very exciting to see the finished product, I can’t wait! I know some of you have used your own projects so each one will be unique in its own way.

In the meantime you may want to wash and block your projects ready for assembly, and construct your cover. You can find information on how to do this here and you can find the instructions for assembly here. The full pattern for project 12 will be available on my site in the next few weeks.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


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  1. Thank you so much for these embroidery classes. I am loving them all and it has inspired me to do my own design too and I think I have photographed every flower in my garden to try. I love your design it is amazing x

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