Tudor Rose

Hello everyone

Hope you are well and keeping warm and toasty? Fans of Whitework with Colour will be pleased to know that there is a new pattern in the Whitework Collection, Tudor Rose.

Tudor Rose was created for the Cumbria convention which was to take place in Appleby UK in July 2021 but sadly has been cancelled due to Covid. The class was fully booked and many of you asked if it was possible to get the pattern.

The request from Phillipa Turnbull of The Crewel Work Company was to design something appropriate to the 18th century, so I had to use a bit of imagination and used tea bags to dye the white linen to achieve the antique look, – the instructions for dyeing are included.

This comprehensive pattern is 27 pages and was designed for a beginner class. It includes both aspects of Needlepainting and Whitework, and is a delightful project to stitch ensuring that you have something new to move onto throughout the design and never get bored! It is stitched in DMC stranded cotton with a bit of gold silk and Coton a broder. The gold silk can be substituted with any shiny rayon/silk thread in gold, such as DMC satin or other. The Coton a broder can also be substituted with DMC stranded cotton in white if necessary so it is a no frills, attractive design.

I have also included two outlines for tracing one standard and one a bit larger and of course there is an iron on transfer for those of you who don’t like tracing your own designs.

I hope you love stitching this as much as I did creating it. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


18 thoughts on “Tudor Rose”

  1. I just finished my very first embroidery project and really enjoyed it. However there were a lot of things I was very uncertain about. My next project is a of higher difficulty and I think some of the tips and tricks in your blog are going to be super helpful!

  2. Esta precioso Trish! sigo todas las creaciones que pones en linea. Son realmente encantadoras y fascinantes. Con la pandemia intente comprar tu libro whitework, lamentablemente el correo de bandera de mi pais es tan corrupto como los gobernates que tenemos en este momento y me quede sin libro, sin poder aprender mas de tu tecnica maravillosa. Una pregunta que tambien va como sugerencia: hay alguna posiblidad que tus libros se vendan en formato de e-book? Gracias y saludos desde Cordoba, Argentina.

    1. ¡Siento mucho que no hayas recibido tu libro! Mis nuevos libros con Search Press estarán disponibles en formato de libro electrónico, pero no en Whitework with Color. Envíeme un correo electrónico, tal vez pueda hacer arreglos para enviarle algunos proyectos por correo y podamos calcular un precio.

  3. what a wonderful design, it will be a pleasure to mbroider it. what is the price and how to order from belgium ?? thank you.

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