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Happy Monday morning to you! Distance learning classes are once again open for registration – you can find more information here. For those of you who are not familiar with my classes here is some information.


Have you ever wanted to learn the art of shading (also known as Needlepainting, Silk shading or Thread Painting) or simply learn how to achieve awesome shading in your embroidery, then these classes are designed for you. The classes are designed to be worked remotely from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace – you can take as long as you like there is no expiry date. The classes are available in 3 levels:

Level 1 Shalimar, Level 2 Blue Dragonfly, Level 3 Belted Kingfisher at sunrise.


This is my most comprehensive study on the art of shading to date. The classes are not available for a select few but for everyone, no matter where you are in your embroidery journey. I have tried to structure the classes so that they will cater for all levels, and for those who are familiar with technology and those who are not so familiar with it. I have based my approach to distant learning on the same methods I use in my classroom. By anticipating the needs of the student at every stage of the project I have been able to provide help and answers in the form of hints, tips and images to demonstrate.


The classes include all the instructions, and resources you will need. The class notes are provided as a PDF digital download and each student will have password access to a private members area , on this site. The members area can be found on this site under CLASSES on the Main menu. Each student will have private access by using the password that is provided with their download. It includes lots of Tutor tips and additional information on how to stitch the project plus links to some useful short videos.


There is a list of materials, fabric, thread and needles included in your PDF. Substitutes and recommendations are provided to make it easy for you to source and you can also purchase an optional pack of iron on transfers for the project to save having to trace your own outline.


The class allows for one private email assessment at any time during or at the completion of the class.


You can either print out your notes or view them from your Tablet/PC. Either way you will be able to sit in your favorite armchair with the notes at hand whilst you stitch.


You can choose to register for all three classes as a complete study course, or just choose one or two individual classes, it is entirely up to you. Each level introduces a new aspect of shading and is designed to follow on from the previous one, helping you to progress from basic to more advanced shading.


One of the most significant features of these classes is that they can be studied by students from all over the world as it includes a translation feature for both your PDF instructions and also the Tutor notes.

International students can use the translation feature on this site and in the Members area to translate the instructions into their own language. All the most widely spoken languages are available, if we don’t have your language covered let us know we will add it to the list.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


15 thoughts on “Classes”

  1. Hi Trish, I purchased ‘The Art of Shading Level 1’ back in April. I didn’t see that you offered a bundle price. Is it possible to buy the next two classes for a discount now?

  2. How long is a class available to see/use? How many classes? Are the classes at set times or we can view when we have time?

    1. There is no expiry date you can do the class in your own time at your own pace. You will find details on this in the description. Trish

  3. Will these classes provide more in depth instruction than your books or the videos on your website?

    1. The information is on similar lines to my books but as space is not an issue I am able to give more detailed information and diagrams on specific areas of a design. Trish

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