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Hello everyone

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your summer holidays. We are approaching Spring here in Cape Town, although we have had some very cold weather, with snow on our mountains, so I am sitting at my computer with a blanket wrapped over my knees!

As you know I took a break to spend some time with my family and catch up on the stitching for the new book. I can’t share much with you at this stage, but I can tell you that the projects are nature inspired and I am loving stitching them! The book manuscript is due for delivery at the end of this year but won’t be released till end of 2022.

I also got to play around a bit with different background fabrics such as stitching on organza which was fun, and I plan to share my findings with you soon. There are lots of future projects in the pipeline, when time allows, – so keep watching this space…..

New In The Shop

New in the shop is my Special Thread Collection. This is a limited edition, collection, available whilst stocks last. It includes 27 skeins of Cosmo Lecien stranded cotton.

At present DMC stranded cotton is the most widely used embroidery thread in the world, but there are some shades that are missing in the DMC range of colours, that I have to source from other ranges – especially those very pale, very dark and in between shades that link the colours together. These shades are essential to the success of my Needle painting embroidery, if I want to achieve a smooth, gradation of shading.

Many of you have collected DMC threads over the years, as have I, so rather then try to introduce a new brand of thread, into my embroidery patterns I have compiled a selection of Cosmo threads that can be used to fill in the gaps in the DMC colour families.

Cosmo is a high quality stranded cotton embroidery floss, made in Japan. It has 500 shades of colour which includes a stunning selection of light to dark shades and provides most of the missing shades in the DMC collection. At present it is only available from selected outlets but the company are working hard to make it readily available worldwide. You can find more information here.


The threads are packaged inside a beautiful, custom designed box and includes a printed colour chart and free pattern. The printed colour chart indicates where these 27 shades of Cosmo can be used in combination with DMC to provide a perfect balance of shades from light to dark.

You will also receive a free printed, butterfly pattern that utilizes the colours.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


24 thoughts on “Special Thread Collection”

  1. My special thread order arrived this week and I am thrilled, thank you! The packaging is lovely and I can’t wait to stitch the butterfly!

    I’m just wondering, is there a list of what Cosmos threads are not covered by the DMC range? I would like to buy them to make my collection “complete”. Thank you, Linda, Brisbane Australia

  2. Congratulations for the new project, I’m sure it will be a success! And thank you in advance for always bringing news and great ideas to us

  3. Hi, Trish! I just got the email, went to order and saw that it was sold out. I would really like to buy it when it is restocked. I don’t mind waiting… Thanks! Debbie Ambrose in Lithia (Tampa), Florida

  4. Thank you for describing these lovely threads and I look forward to finding who stocks them in France.x

  5. Oh darn! I just received the email, went directly to your website to order, and saw that it was sold out. Hope to catch it when it is restocked 🙂

  6. Hi to Lisa,Denise, Sandra, Patty, Madeleine & anyone who “missed out” on the Cosmo.

    I tried again & the order went through this time. No longer sold out. Is there a glitsch somewhere?

    All the best..

    1. Thanks for the info, when I go to the sight it says sold out, there isn’t a way to order. Guess I’ll have to wait until it’s restocked.

  7. For those of you who were not able to purchase the special thread collection, I will restock as soon as humanly possible, but it may be some time due to delivery from Japan. Sorry about that! Trish

  8. Only just got the email and it is sold out. Hope this will be available again soon or that there will be information on where else to get these threads.

  9. Only just got the email, and it’s already sold out. Any chance you might be willing to restock? Love your work!

  10. I missed the ‘special thread collection’ and am so disappoinred. Only received my email yesterday. Hope there will be another offer soon.

  11. Hello Trish. Alas, the Cosmo Special Thread Collection has sold out already! Will you be creating more of those? I hope so . . . would like one! Hope you had a nice break!

  12. Aw, I just got this today and it’s sold out. I hope you do another one. I love this idea! I have learned so much from your work!

  13. I started embroidery again after 35 years and am loving it.mostly I like thread painting as I am an artist and I like a challenge..I have made so many pieces a lot of which I have framed and given away. what to do with all the others. _ any ideas!!!!!!!! there are several different sizes!?!? I have bought ten books but my favourites are the Trish Burr ones., and as I am recovering from surgery it’s a perfect pastime. Sheila Southwell

  14. Love your site. I just got back into embroidery. Got one of your recently. Your designs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

    Mary Anne

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