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Hello everyone

Hope you are doing well? I have been stitching up a storm during our winter months and have some news to share with you.

New Book

I have been working on a new book for the last two years which was originally due to be released in November 2022. Unfortunately, the Publishers are behind on their production schedule due to Covid restrictions, so the release has been delayed till June 2023. I can’t share too much at this stage but I can tell you that the book is on Nature Samplers…… keep a look out as I will be sharing some images with you in the next few months.

Featured Project

Incase you missed Issue 350 of the All Stitched Up Newsletter the featured project was my Allium ‘Purple Sensation’. This is one of the projects that appears in Inspirations Studios brand-new book A Passion for Needlework, which is available to order here, and the kit can also be purchased here.

New Patterns

Eastern Bluebird

Many of you have requested more bird patterns and I am delighted to let you know that finally, there is a new pattern in the shop – Eastern Bluebird. Perched on some lovely Apple Blossom flowers, the beautiful Eastern Bluebird can be found in North America in open woodlands and farmlands, but can also be sighted in backyards, especially if food is offered. Perhaps he is a regular visitor to your garden or you have sighted him somewhere? This male Eastern Bluebird can be identified by the brilliant blue on the back and head, and warm red- brown on its breast. Typically the bluebird has a rounded head, large eye and plump body.

This is a Needlepainting pattern level Intermediate – which means it is suitable for those who have some previous experience in Needlepainting. The pattern is 38 pages of very detailed instructions, showing you step by step how to stitch each stage of the bird and flowers. There is also an iron on transfer available for this pattern.

These vibrant shades of blue are almost impossible to reproduce as they are peculiar to nature! I have combined several shades of blue thread to capture as closely as possible the blues on the bird.

Enlarged Details

The pattern is mainly stitched in DMC stranded cotton with a few Anchor colours included. If you are unable to source Anchor there is a thread substitute chart available on my site.

On the subject, did you know you can find all the information you need on embroidery, materials and techniques on my site under the DISCOVER & LEARN section? Here you can get help with payments, orders, how to download a PDF, how to use iron on transfers, how to block and mount your embroidery, a free stitch guide, info on magnifying lights, where to buy materials, videos and so much more. Have a browse sometime!

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a Whitework with colour project which is suitable for all levels including beginners. This stunning but simple project is great for putting into practice your embroidery skills and would make a lovely centerpiece for a cushion cover or hoop art to hang on your wall. The project is stitched in a few shades of DMC stranded cotton and Cotton a Broder in white. Both of these are easy to source, but the Broder could also be substituted with white stranded cotton if you have difficulties obtaining it.

There is an iron on transfer available for this pattern.

Cotton Muslin

Due to popular demand, you can now find Southern Belle Cotton Muslin fabric in both white and cream in the shop. This is a high quality 200 count 100%  cotton muslin fabric. I recommend it for Needlepainting embroidery, especially fine miniature embroidery, as it has a smooth, tight weave with a beautiful hand.  It is sturdy enough to use on its own without a backing fabric. However, it also works beautifully for Whitework with colour projects as the tight weave is lovely to work satin stitch on.

Many of you have asked if it is necessary to use a backing fabric with the muslin. Personally I prefer not to use a backing fabric as I find it difficult to line up both fabrics properly and find it often results in puckering. If your fabric is stretched firmly in the hoop it will be firm enough to hold the weight of the stitching. But if you prefer to use a backing fabric, feel free to do so.

Although cotton muslin can never replace Premium Libeco linen, which is the “the best of the best”, it is a more cost effective alternative for your embroidery projects.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and keep stitching!


16 thoughts on “What’s New This Month”

  1. Hi Trish, I just received the cotton muslin I ordered. Its beautiful better than any muslin I have used before. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks for your wise words, advice and kindness in giving to the embroidery community.

  2. Trish, your birds are always beautiful, but I am loving your beautiful bee with its flowers. It’s such a joy to stitch–I have told the few bees that we have about in the hope that the appreciation will make them stay.

    1. I don’t know where you can purchase it retail – You will have to order it from Springs Creative on a 50 yd bolt, or you can purchase from Berlin Embroidery. Trish

  3. Thank you, Trish. As usual, lovely work! I will be embarking on these new patterns in the near future.

  4. Good evening Trish,

    I’ve just downloaded the ‘Morning Glory’ pattern, but the thread list is blank. I’m sure it’s not meant to be and if it’s possible, could you send one?

    I feel rather guilty for even contemplating this because the plant is considered a week in New South Wales, and perhaps for the entire country.

  5. Dear Trish, your little bird is just to beautiful, all fluffy and plump. With great respect for your amazing embroidery. Adrienne Ehrich, Grahamstown South Africa. 💕

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