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Having had a good laugh at my expense last week, I must admit to laughing even more at some of your responses!  Thank you for that.  Ok I admit that I did try out a few more positions with the webcam after I spoke to you,most of them un-mentionable lets just say one of them involved me trying to sit cowboy style across a chair with the webcam hooked onto the back.  This worked quite well untill I tried to remove my legs from between the slats and got stuck ………..  enough of that.
On a more serious note the New Project book has been delayed, the publishers have given me an estimate of March/April 2011.  I can only apologise for the delay and will keep you posted as to the release date

If you have seen the Ad in Inspirations magazine, this was sent for publication last year when we were expecting the new book to be released this month.  The bee eater bird and poppy are included in the project book but the kingfisher is available as a kit on my website.

The Colour Book is still on track for mid 2011 so lets keep fingers crossed!

Have a lovely week.  Trish

6 thoughts on “New Book Delayed”

  1. Hi Trish,

    What a pitty with your book. Being at the publishing end of things, I know just how easily these timelines can blow out.
    Anyway, the good news is that the delay coincides wiht the release of Insp #70, so I will see if we can get any advance material from Sally Milner and run a ‘hot of the press’

    all the best,

  2. How frustrating for you to have to wait for other people dilly-dallying around with your work! I sympathise…

    On the other hand, as I can’t possibly afford to buy new books just now and there’s no work in sight for us (beyond 3 more weeks exam stuff in May/June), I can tolerate the wait for publication quite well. Maybe, just maybe, by the time your new gems hit the bookshops, I’ll be able to treat myself to one or both of them! Here’s hoping for us both!!=)

    All the best to you. x

  3. Thanks for the latest news – don’t worry things happen like this and you are at the mercy of others which makes it hard but it will surely be worth the wait if your DVD is anything to go by. Laughing is so good for one even if it is at someone else’s expense – it exercises the face muscles and gives you the best of feelings so can never be bad. Have a wonderful day and look forward to your next blog.

  4. WEll my cow boy daughter was never very good at riding—but it does amuse me to think of all the things she does to get the results she does—-this indicates positivity in achievment for which she gets full marks. Never a dull moment in her life. I dont think I can remember a time when her books have been published on the date quoted—-thats the service of the world to day —-however good things are always worth waiting for. LOL .

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