Away On Holiday

I will be away on a much needed (I nearly said “needled” 🙂 holiday with my family from 24th March – 4th April 2011, so there will be no comms for the next two weeks.  I plan to take some doodle stitching with me but also read a good book which is not something I get to do too often!  I also plan to eat copious amounts of food which I don’t have to cook and enjoy the privilege of not making my own bed.

Can you guess from the picture where I am going – I will tell you when I get back!

Holiday destination)

Hopefully I will come back feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to think up some new stitching ideas for you.

Have a great week and happy stitching.  Trish

14 thoughts on “Away On Holiday”

  1. It looks like Mauritius!! Wish you were on a stop over to NZ. You deserve at least a month of luxuary! Love & miss you my dear friend – have a wonderful family holiday.xxxx

  2. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the rest and all the things you have no time for at home – could be a lot of places – certainly not the IOM!!! perhaps Mauritius? Will look forward to all your news on your return.

  3. Looks like San Diego … so would love to hear from you — I’ll be at the airport!!

    Oh, or Hawaii … or wherever palm trees grow – indigenously or not.

    Have a great time. You deserve a break, I’m sure.

  4. Hello Trish,
    Hope you have a nice holiday. I think you are coming to stay in my lovely country – Mauritius.
    If this is not it – I still wish you to enjoy every minute, and let others look after you and spoil you.

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