Hello everyone I am back from Paris – it was an amazing experience and I look forward to sharing it with you next week when my feet have touched base back in Cape Town.  I am missing the scrumptious baguettes and croissants already they just don’t make them like that anywhere except in France but thats another story……………!

Just to let you know that the shop is open again and there is another miniature in the range plus the first range of  kits with French Translation have arrived.

Miniature Autumn Pansy Basket
Miniature Autumn Pansy Basket

completed pansy basket

Thank you all for the wonderful response to the new Traditional Colour Schemes & Miniature Needle Painting Booklets – I was overwhelmed with orders before I left for Paris so hopefully they have been received in good order, if not you are welcome to shout at me and I will rectify the problem asap:)

Meantime wherever you are in the world, be it winter, spring or summer happy stitching and a wonderful weekend.  Trish

13 thoughts on “BONJOUR!”

  1. Having non-English instructions available is just SUCH a good idea! As a linguist with squads of international friends, I know how much they will be appreciated. I have dreams of my own suite of learning stumpwork kits – all available in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese…. to start with,,,!!=) Race you??=)

  2. I am like all your followers, smitten with the beauty of your work, in awe of your picturesque setting,and amazed at your generous nature. I am coming to embroidery later in my life and am eager to run before I can walk. I received my package from your shop just last week. The DVD for me is definitely the perfect companion to your beginners book. The needles I ordered were also well worth the wait.

    1. Haah so you do read my blog!!! I am missing you too – sorry to hear it is cold in London, look forward to hearing all about it when you get back to sunny South Africa. Lots of love to you all.

  3. glad that you are home after your Paris trip. This to tell you about my embroidery story. I have spent years with my silks,wools and needles. many years ago I bought an elsa Williams large kit and have still to complete it. A few months ago after buying three of your books I bought a small kit from your shop. I loved it and with your guide I have gained so much more confidence so I will complete the scary kit. Thank you so much for your generous help. I look forward to more of you’re designs .many thanks!

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