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Hello Everyone

Apologies for my absence but have been taking some quiet time to recover from flu since my return from Paris.  Hopefully next week I will be able to share with you the L’Aiguille En Fete experience but meanwhile thought you may want to look at my recent pins on my new Pinterest board – entitled VINTAGE MINIATURES.  Most of these pins have been taken from a wonderful Tuck Ephemera site where Alison Milling has contributed literally thousands of vintage postcard, calendar and booklet images – thank you Alison what a star you are!  Pinterest is a wonderful source for all things beautiful, my daughters use it for recipes, teaching hints and graphic sources whilst I use it to keep a record of images I like and may want to use for future projects.  Many of these Vintage images have sparked ideas for future Miniature projects and you will certainly see extracts of these at some stage.  If there is anything in particular that you like please let me know.

Dog in flower basket
Dog in flower basket
anemones basket
anemones basket


country scene
country scene

Meantime wherever you are, be it winter, spring or summer have a wonderful weekend and many happy stitching hours.  Trish



15 thoughts on “Vintage Snippets”

  1. Hi Trish. Glad you are feeling better. Loved your interview in Classic Inspirations. I love these pictures. But I love the pictures of the blue tits. I think they would make a lovely picture especially the top two on the cherry blosomn.

  2. Some of these would make good stained glass panels. I work in stained glass as well as embroider.They are lovely.

  3. No sé qué pasa con el traductor pero mis frases en español se convierten en algo horrible cuando se traducen al inglés. Lo siento, solo deseo expresar lo mucho que me gusta como bordas y lo bien que combinas los colores.

    1. [Translation]
      I don’t know what happened with the translator, but my sentences in Spanish were converted in to something horrible when ‘translated’ into English. I’m sorry, I just wanted to express how much I like such embroideries and how well you combine colours.
      [I agree here too – both about Trish’s art and machine translation!! Hope my human versions are helpful!=)]

  4. Las ilustraciones son muy bonitas, me gustan todas, pero en especial los carboneros volando, son unos pájaros con unos colores preciosos. Ya me los imagino transformados con tus hábiles manos en un bellísimo bordado, con esa armonía de colores que tan bien sabes escoger.

    1. [Translation for non Spanish readers]
      The illustrations are very pretty, I like them all, but especially the bluetits in flight, they are mostly beautifully coloured birds. I can imagine them transformed by your skilful hands into an extremely beautiful embroidery and with the harmony of colours that you know so well have to choose.
      [Note from translator – I agree!!]

  5. Hi Trish! What lovely pictures! I especially like the third one down – the bluetits one. They’re my favourite bird and, if I ever had a wish of your work, it’s that you’ll one day stitch some of the wildlife that’s familiar to me such as these wonderful North European garden birds (finches are often quite colourful too – chaffinch, goldfinch, greenfinch, as well as greattits, robins etc), and butterflies (red admiral, small tortoiseshell, painted lady, peacock etc). I think that’s one of the reasons I really enjoy Helen M Stevens’ work too – her subjects are mostly very well known to me.

    I finally got my ‘Inspirations 77’ yesterday and enjoyed your interview article.=) It was heartening to know that my design methods have something in common with yours. I must be on the right track, although I’m too much of a chicken to do my own designs most of the time!!

    Best wishes from England!=)

  6. All of thses ar delightful–only wish I could sew or paint but will leave it all to you Trish you have all the talent and I will stand by and admire—keep going you are great LOL MUM

  7. All of the images are lovely but I really like the dog in the basket image. I would LOVE to see some more animal designs.

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better now. All the images are all beautiful but the country scene would really be something different.

  9. All the miniatures are beautiful…it would be wonderful to stitch any one of them….OR…
    maybe ALL OF THEM.

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