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This week it is my great pleasure to announce that the first of the Whitework embroidery kits is available , and in the Etsy Shop here.  This is an entry level kit for those who want to learn the technique and also for those who have some previous experience.  In this kit you will find all the materials including threads needed to stitch two abstract floral projects; Floreale & Floreali as shown below.  The fabric is a fine quality Swiss batiste cotton and has the outlines pre-printed for your convenience.  The threads used are DMC FLoche, Cotton a Broder and DMC Stranded cotton – the uses for each type of thread are explained in the booklet.

Floreale Shades Of Whitework
Floreale Shades Of Whitework
Floreali Shades Of Whitework
Floreali Shades Of Whitework

Traditionally whitework is done with white thread on a white ground fabric but I have added touches of colour to enrich the design which I call “Shades Of Whitework ” so as to distinguish it from pure whitework embroidery. The instruction booklet includes detailed instructions, stitch diagrams, step by step photos & practice motifs suitable for all levels. This is an entry level kit which will help you to master the basics of this fresh take on a timeless and elegant style of traditional embroidery.  Because the FLoche & Broder threads are imported from France there may be some delay in re-stocking this product so the availability of kits is limited while stocks last.


I have re-drawn the Moonlit owl project, so it is now my own design and am currently stitching it up.  I hope to have it available for you in kit form very soon along with some other prospective ideas in the next few weeks.  I have dug out my old artists pens and have been working on some pen & ink drawings – Zentangle style,  which I plan to use in future black & white embroidery designs.  These unique creations are fun and enthralling to stitch,  and I hope that you will enjoy these designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them.   Meanwhile wherever you are be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful weekend and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

Moonlit Owl
Moonlit Owl
New Owl design
New Owl design
Zentangle Bird design
Zentangle Bird design

11 thoughts on “WHITEWORK KIT HERE”

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  2. Thanks for that information Trish. I have considered for a long time, that if one is able to master satin stitch to perfection, it would go a long way with other projects. I have always wanted to do the perfect satin stitch.

    Well, I guess thats decided it then, satin stitch and all related project it is, and here’s to 140.

  3. Well, you’ve done it now Trish – Just as I was getting the hang of Needle painting, you go and introduce another beautiful aspect of needle work.

    At this rate, I’ll have to live until I’m 140 to achieve everything I long to do. Oh well, I’ll give it my best shot.

    Seriously, it is a charming kit, and now on my list of ‘must have’. Thanks Trish


    1. Thanks Shelagh the good news is that satin stitch is very good for your needlepainting and that if you keep stitching you might just live to be 140!

  4. Thank you Trish for the beautiful surface embroidery patterns of the owl and Zen Tangle bird. They are so cute! What a nice present!

  5. Morning Trisch, Thank you for letting me know about new white work they are lovely. Just a question do you have any of the black thread for shading, my younger daughter loves the black and grey colours that you used for the owl. Thought i might do 3 for a group in the black and grey colors for her. I my self love the blue shading. I will place my order tonight for white and blue set. Thank you. Sharon.

    1. Hi Sharon at present there is only one kit – it has two floral projects included, one in blues and one in violets. I am using black, white and greys for the owl projects but they are mostly DMC stranded – you can purchase shades of grey and black at any online store or your local needlework shop and substitute the colours that I have used, but unfortunately I dont sell thread. Trish

  6. Hello Trish,
    So glad these kits are finally available.
    They are beautiful and I would like to order both from you.
    There is no price so I do not know what to pay you.
    Please advise me as to the price (postage included) and I will do an
    Internet transfer as usual.
    My postal address is : P. O. Box 95333,
    Please post as overnight parcel as usual
    and let me have the tracking number.
    Thank you for your beautiful work and for keeping us inspired
    to carry on stitching.
    Kindest regards,
    Pamela Redtenbacher.

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