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Hello Everyone

Firstly thank you all for the fantastic response to my Moonlit Owl in the last post.

Moonlit Owl
Moonlit Owl







It was lovely to receive such encouragement and positive feedback and I have come up with a plan to re-draw the owl and flowers myself in a similar design.

It will be some time before it is available in kit form but in the meantime I am working on two new kits which hope to release in June.  The first will be an introductory level kit – it will have two projects in and a practice sheet.  There will be detailed instruction on the stitches and as the DMC floche and Cotton a broder threads are not always easy to obtain I have decided to include all the threads in the kit.  This will mean that when you receive your kit you are ready to go.

I have managed to source the whitework threads from DMC in France and the fabric from St Gallen in Switzerland but as you will understand these are on special order so will all take some time to collate.  The second kit is for all levels but presumes that you now have gained some experience in the technique – it is these floaty butterflies in shades of white, ecru and antique teal.

I am so glad that you like this fresh and elegant, style of embroidery and look forward to sharing it with you over the months and years to come.  Meanwhile wherever you are be it winter, spring, summer or autum have a wonderful week and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

floating butterflies
floating butterflies

24 thoughts on “Whitework Kits”

  1. Hello Trish,
    I,m very impressed by the way you combine colours.These butterflies are beautiful!
    This is my first comment & I want to thank you very much for your talant! I fell in love with your works at first sight. What a masterpieces you create!

  2. Those are lovely, Trish! Enjoying them very much.=)

    What I would love it if you would consider covering as a blog post is some tips on how to keep stitched edges even. By ‘edges’ I mean the edges of petals, leaves etc. Mine always end up a real mess…=(

  3. Hi Trish
    The butterflies are absolutely beautiful. I do hope the kits are available soon I would love to have a go. I’m still working on the projects from your DVD and enjoying them all.
    Thank you for all your lovely work.

  4. I am very new to this type of stitching, but am looking forward to this kits release. I am currently working on the beginning bird projcet and so far I am very happy with the results. The DVD was a great help along with the insturctions I believe my project will be a sucess!

  5. I am interested in the introductory level kit when it is available. Thank you for thinking of your newbee followers!


  6. Trish you always come out with beautiful embroidery. These floating butterfly are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful picture they would make in a very elegant bedroom.
    Have a great Day. Always love your emails.

  7. Hi Trish, your work is just so beautiful!. I just adore the butterflies. Can not wait for the kits. please keep me informed.
    Thank you

  8. Hello Trish,
    Very beautiful – can’t wait for these kits to come out.
    Hope it will be soon.
    Kind regards,

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