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Hello Everyone

Hope you are having a good week?  We are experiencing a heat wave here in Cape Town 40 degrees today, so am shut up in my office with the air con on!

As promised to those of you who requested the digital downloads for Katarina The Cat and Chickadee, they are now available in the Etsy shop. 

I have received numerous emails asking when the fabric packs with pre-printed outlines for the projects in the new book Miniature Needlepainting Embroidery would be available.  I did promise these in the book for those of you who are nervous about tracing your own outlines onto fabric, and yes they are currently at the screen printers and will be available in the Etsy shop very soon.  The book has now been released in USA and the rest of the world and is available on Amazon or any good online bookshop.  Thanks to your support and lovely reviews it has reached the No 1 bestseller in embroidery this week!  (thankyou).

book cover

Meanwhile, wherever you are in the world, remember “Embroidery forever, housework whenever!”  Keep smiling and happy stitching!  Trish

2 thoughts on “Digital Downloads For Whitework”

  1. Hi Trish,

    Well, you’re sat there roasting, and I am sat here perished. We had blizzards at the weekend, a far cry from your heatwave. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

    Congratulations on your booking making best seller Trish, it really does deserve it.

    Now you will never guess what I am doing at the moment. Do you remember giving us an Easter present, either last year, or the year before, Easter Violets. Well as Easter is coming up I thought I’d give it a go. I have to say I am really enjoying it, as I have to decide for myself which petal is lying on top of what. Maybe you should test us once a month Trish – I can hear all learners like myself shouting ‘shut up you’ 🙂

    Also, thanks for your help in getting Southern Belle available here in the UK. I placed an order with Mace and Nairn right away, so I’m well and truly stocked up now. It could actually make me a bit more adventurous – I was always a bit reluctant to ‘have a go’ on fabric I didn’t really like, and I felt I couldn’t waste the muslin I had – now I can play to my heart’s content.

    Keep cool

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