Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Hello everyone

How is your week going – the weekend is here!  Last night we watched the 2014 Annie movie and afterwards by youngest daughter showed me a video clip that was made in New York You are never full dressed without a smile.  It was enchanting – and made me think of how if we gave everyone we met a smile how it would lift not only others spirits but also our own?  Watch the video clip here and you will see what I mean.  It really made me smile!


You may also like to watch the Cape Town version here.

Of course what really makes most of us smile is sitting down with our embroidery – how it takes us into another realm away from all the stresses and routine of every day life.  When I was at BATB convention in Australia last year I often used to look around me at the 150 + people who were attending the convention, the non stop chatter, laughter and interaction between like minded people and get a little thrill.  People who don’t stitch could never understand the joy that we get from creating something beautiful?

I am often asked how I find the time to do so many projects – it is no secret I make time.  I am a master at taking shortcuts for anything involving housework, cooking chores, homework etc – if there is a way to save time doing this I will find it.  For example getting a ready made lasagne for supper and putting it into my own dish so it looks home made.  The time saved by these little deceptions can add up to an extra hour or two for stitching!  The other thing I have learned to do is delegate wherever possible – if someone offers to help with packing kits or cutting fabric say YES, and of course say NO to any non essentials like volunteering to cover books at the school library!  Where possible I arrange my day mentally in advance – for instance if I have to pick my daughter up from school at 2pm and need to get groceries or get to the shops I will leave half an hour earlier, do the shopping en route and then pick her up, one trip does it all.

Of course if your husband offers to cook the supper never, never say no.  Even if you don’t particularly like the way he cooks the chicken schnitzel – pretend to like it.  If he thinks he is a good cook he will be encouraged to do it again!

Thinking of saving time, in the new book Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery, I made a promise to save you time by providing ready traced outlines on fabric for each section in the book.  These are now available in the Etsy shop.  There are 5 pieces of cotton muslin fabric in each pack, with the outline for each project in that section, i.e. Portraits, Flowers, Birds and 3 for the Victorian Pansies.  You can find them under Fabric & Supplies here.

You may notice that I have made changes to my website, it has a cleaner, simpler interface which I hope you will find easier to navigate.

Meanwhile, wherever you are in the world, remember “Embroidery forever, housework whenever!”  Keep smiling and happy stitching!  Trish


15 thoughts on “Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile”

  1. Thanks for your lovely insights. I so enjoy reading them each week and one day when my projects of the moment are all done I am going to attempt one of your designs! Best regards Heather

  2. Yes! right on the spot. the problem with husband cooking is that it take me longer to clean after him then to make that chicken schnitzel myself…The other way to get a few moments t embroider is get up at three thirty in the morning which i do, 7 days a week. Thanks! Mical

  3. Hola Trish, agradezco tu boletin semanal, admiro tus bordados, ya compre 2 de tus libros, justo hoy quiero empezar a traducir al español, gracias por tus consejos y recibe saludos desde Mexico!!

    1. Hello Mary
      I am still waiting for the designs to be returned from the Publishers, when they do arrive I am planning to get someone to make me a quilt. Many of my stitched pieces are either framed and put on the wall or sit in a draw. I have given some pieces away to special people,family, wedding gifts etc and occasionally I partake in an art exhibition here and sell some of them. It is very hard to part with them but one has to be practical! When I teach a class, everyone is given a number on their kit and then we have a draw at the end of the class – the winner gets my stitched piece that we have been working on. I find this adds a bit of fun to the class and also ensures that it goes to someone who appreciates it. What I like about the miniatures is that the uses are so diverse they can be made into book covers, cosmetic cases, pillow cases, tote bags etc etc. There are several ideas listed in the book but I dont always have time to make my pieces into something:) Trish

  4. I saw a cross-stitch piece the other day. I don’t particularly want to stitch it but I approve the sentiment: “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here.” And thanks for your column, Trish. Best,
    Charlotte Wells USA

  5. Trish. Thanks for taking the time each week to post your comments. I look forward to reading everything you have to share. The two videos were wonderful and a nice start to my day. You are delightful.

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