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Hello everyone

2017 has got off to a busy start, there are always new and exciting ideas to implement and over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of these with you, but today  it is time to show you something that I have been patiently waiting to reveal……….. and that is the release of the new book WHITEWORK WITH COLOUR which was finally released in Australia/New Zealand in December 2016 and UK/Europe early January 2017.  Those of you in the USA will have to be a little  bit patient as it is not due for release till next month (sorry about that).

You can find the book at most good bookstores or online booksellers – here it is on Amazon UK and for pre-release on


My advanced copy did not arrive till just after Christmas and before that I saw copies of it floating around on Instagram long before I had seen a copy!


But eventually it did arrive and I found a quiet spot, away from the rest of the family, and sat down to look through it.  It is hard to explain the feeling one gets seeing your book in print , it is awesome!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter for taking these gorgeous photos!

Despite the initial setbacks, an early review posted on Amazon by Karen Platt, a book reviewer lifted my spirits, thank you so much Karen.  Here is an extract you can read the full review here:

“It is impossible to praise this book too much, for any superlatives do not do it justice. It is supreme, beyond compare and in a league of its own. I have often admired Trish Burr’s books, but this is a book that dreams are made of…”


Below are a few extracts of projects from the book, there are 17 in all, including a starter, small, medium and large projects, ranging from easy to slightly more advanced.  Some of them are repeats in different colour schemes to see what can be achieved.  This book differs slightly from my previous books, in that I have leaned more on my own experience, sharing the methods that have worked best for me over the years.


You will be pleased to know that after lengthy discussions with the publisher I have agreed to provide fabric with printed outlines for all the projects in this book.  You can find them here in the ETSY store.


I have to confess to feeling a little bit pleased with this book – it speaks to me of a culmination of many years of hard work and the progress made over time with design layout, diagrams and instruction.  Being self taught I do understand the need for easy-to-follow instructions and I hope that you will find this to be the case with each project.  So there it is:   Whitework With Colour, my 8th book with Sally Milner Publishing, now all that remains is for you to enjoy it as much as I have done creating it for you and my mission is complete.

Till next time, keep smiling and happy stitching.




27 thoughts on “Whitework With Colour Book”

  1. Dear Trish

    Many years ago I bought your Cross-stitch book, over the years I have read your books, enjoyed everyone of them. I read Mary Corbet’s Needle and Thread. She also appreciate, your beautiful and inspirational embroidery. I quilt and do embroidery. You push the boundaries and make everyone of us want to pick up a needle and paint a little with thread. Thank you! Your you-tube video’s are awesome.

  2. Trish….went to City of York embroiderers guild meeting today and a friend brought along her copy of your book……fabulous, it was passed around and everybody was in agreement,what a beautifully presented book, the quality of the photos and just the whole quality of the book is excellent. I have just ordered my own copy and can’t wait till it arrives. Thank you.

  3. I have been waiting for this little jewel and have pre-ordered my copy here in the US. I persuaded a family member that this would make a great birthday gift from them to me…. LOL! Way to go Trish… I can hardly wait for my birthday to arrive! 🙂

  4. This new books looks delightful. I already have mine on pre-order at Nordic Needle, can hardly wait for it to be released in the USA. Are you still suggesting or advising to use the lovely Cotton Satin fabric – I didn’t see it listed on your site any longer.
    I would be very proud of you too, if you were my daughter. You are so talented and inspiring to so many of us.

    1. Thats very kind Sharon thank you:) I don’t stock cotton satin any longer as it has become too costly to import from Overseas but I do direct customers to you when they ask. At present I am using cotton muslin and linen.

  5. O Trish, congratulations! It looks absolutely wonderful and I can just imagine how thrilling it must be for you.

    I am working on Katarina at the moments and I am passionate about her.

    Kindest regards to you,

    Bev Woollgar

  6. This book looks fabulous. I went immediately to pre-order it. (I’m in the US.) Can’t wait to get it.

  7. Congratulations on another beautiful book! You are truly blessed in having such a talent. Thank you for sharing it with those of us who can only aspire to reach your standard of perfection!

  8. Good morning all, I cannot wait to get my copy I pre-ordered it 🙂 Regards Andree

  9. My darling daughter you have come out TOPS again. Beautiful and different to inspire all your admirers, It cannot get much better !!!! The grouping of items well done by my grand daughter. How proud I am Thank you for all the pleasure it promotes Love you xxxx

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