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  1. I understand that your new Book The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers will be out in August, but it is only showing Library books which do not have the iron-on transfers. Where can/will I purchase a book including the tranfers.

    I love you books and supplies.

  2. I just emailed you to inform you that I needed pages 30-49 in Whitework with Colour – my mailing address is 6023 Ushers Ridge Ct. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52411. Please send me those pages – love the book! Thanks.

    1. Hi Sheri am a bit confused did you order the book and these pages were missing? If this is the case please let me know where you ordered the book from and I will look into this.Unfortunately I do not distribute my books this is done by Search Press, and I dont have a digital copy of this book so unable to send specific pages.

  3. I have bought your book Confidence with Colour – it is missing pages 30-49. Please send them to me

    1. Hi Sheri if you ordered a book from any online/high street book store you should have received a complete copy. This is a first for me, have never heard of pages missing from a book! In your earlier message you said it was Whitework with Colour, now you say it is Colour Confidence?

  4. Hi Linda lovely to hear from you. There is only one cat at present the other cat is still in the process – perhaps in about two weeks time – keep looking:) Sure I will come back to London again, not this year but perhaps next year? Trish

  5. Hi Trish,
    I have been on your sight. There is only on cat on there which is the kit I bought in London when I came to your class. I would like to purchase the other cat with the bird in a PDF.
    Thanking you for your reply and I look forward to your new shop. Will you come to London again. Maybe for a whitework class?


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