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Hope your week is going well, nearly Friday!


The new Handbook is now available as an Ebook in the digital store.  I have received a few emails from customers who are unable to print the Ebook and thought I should just clarify.

Handbook new

An Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book which can be viewed on a computer, tablet or Ipad.  You will need an EReader such as Kindle or  Ibooks.  Unlike the PDF patterns which are just a few pages, the Ebook has many pages therefore cannot be saved as a PDF or printed on a printer.

Both Kindle and Ibooks can be downloaded for free.  There are many other EReader Apps available, any of them would be suitable. It is ideal for viewing on your tablet or Ipad as you can swipe through the pages and zoom in on details if required.  However, if you would prefer to have a printed copy of the Handbook they are available in the Embroidery store.  I am happy to refund you for the digital copy and you can order a printed edition instead.

If you are having trouble downloading your Ebook here are some step by step instructions.  Did you know that there is a HELP CENTRE in both stores that offers assistance or advice on many different embroidery related topics?


We received an abnormally large influx of orders this week and it was all hands on deck to get them packed and shipped.  There was a glitch with the Fedex Global shipping site yesterday which caused a bit of confusion but I am happy to say that all orders to date have now been processed.  Because of the Fedex Site fault it may take a day or two for your tracking to show up in the system, but rest assured it is on the way!  Orders placed today will be shipped on Monday.

It is my husband’s 60th birthday and we are going to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, with the family, from Monday to Thursday next week to celebrate.  My parents are both in their 80’s and have not been to the Falls for many years, so it is a big treat for them.


The Embroidery shop will be closed for 4 days.   I know the timing is bad with the recent closure due to the export license scenario but hope you will understand, and I am really looking forward to a break!  The Digital store will be open and my Virtual assistant will be on hand to help you if you lose your download:)

Enjoy your summer holidays and have a wonderful weekend.


18 thoughts on “EBOOK”

  1. Hi Trish,
    couldn’t comment on previous post. Yesterday I bought the digital book and have to try two or three times .I think because I was log in and my address and country appears and the order changed to the real book – I had to log out wait a while and try again. The step by step only talk about Mac device which is not my case – I’ve used dropbox.
    We must always remeber we are dealing with a machine and use some human tricks 🙂
    Enjoy next days!

    1. Ok Meri I hope you have managed to sort it out now? If you have any problems while I am away my assistant will be available to help. Trish

  2. Hi Trish! You won’t remember me but I am Peter Tannahills sister, Karen. I follow your work in total awe! Difficult to believe that Simon will be 60,as will Peter in December. Please wish Simon a happy birthday for me. Fond regards Karen . Xxxxx

    1. Hi Karen of course I remember you. Hope you are well? I will certainly pass your message on to Simon and wish Peter the same from us. Trish

  3. Hello Can you please update the postage on the ebook cart As it increases the cost considerably Kind regards Lizzie

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. So glad you are taking a break and especially with your Mum and Dad. It is close to my heart as you know. I will be thinking of you and them, and of course, Happy Birthday to you hubby. Enjoy your time with your family. Your friend Lynne

  5. Hi,

    On your website, where a physical copy of your handbook can be purchased, it states that a PDF format can be downloaded. Am I to understand that this is not the case?


  6. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Have a good break, you deserve with so many troubles in a short time!
    Enjoy these days with your Family. Have a Great party.
    Peace and Health and wellness

  7. Hi Trish,

    thanks so much for this. Do I download from your etsy store, iBooks or Kindle? Thanks! Deb


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