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Hello everyone

There seems to be some confusion over the two different formats of the Handbook.  These are the two options from the two different online stores:

  1. A printed copy – from the Embroidery Store, you will be charged postage and it will be shipped to you.
  2. An Ebook – from the Digital Store, you can download this instantly to view on your computer or tablet, no items will be shipped.

To clarify – there are no shipping costs charged on the Ebook, if you find you are being charged shipping at checkout,  chances are you are in the wrong shop!  Please read the product description for confirmation.

Thank you and have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Ordering The Handbook”

  1. Trish, it’s a technical download problem.  I did order the digital copy and it’s not working.  I suspect the problem is my lack of technical skill.  I will order a printed copy and use that instead.  I like your books very much and your approach to embroidery.  Thanks, Charlotte

    1. Hi Charlotte so sorry you had a problem with your download, sometimes it takes a bit of juggling to download it into an EReader. I am happy to refund you for the digital so you can order the printed copy let me know. Trish

  2. Hi Trish, I really appreciate your offering the digital copy for free! Just to clarify, this is what I see when I click on the link in your email. As you can see it does indicate that the book is a digital copy and the charge for it.


    1. Hi sorry but the new edition of the digital Handbook is not free. There is an addendum of 10 pages available for those who purchased the previous handbook. You need to email me and I will send it to you. Trish

  3. Hi Trish,

    When I click on the link you provide for the digital copy it takes me to your store but there’s only the one copy of the handbook for 12.99. I put it in my cart anyway to see if the cost would disappear but it doesn’t. I’m not sure how I can be in the wrong shop when your link took me to where I think you want us to go. Am I confused?



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