Thank you all for your words of support.  The offender has been contacted and asked to remove all content from their site and hopefully this will be resolved.  This is not the first time this has happened and probably not the last but I felt it was important to inform you so that you know where your purchases are coming from.  Please be assured that it will in no way prevent future creations or sales of patterns online, these will continue to be available in the future.

There are a few points I need to clarify for your peace of mind:

Sendowl – this is the company I use to deliver your PDF files.  They are linked to my online shop and so you may receive two order confirmations from both Sendowl and Trish Burr Embroidery.  Please don’t worry if you receive an email confirmation from SENDOWL with the link to download – this is perfectly ok.


PDF Patterns – if you have purchased a PDF pattern from Trish Burr Embroidery  and receive an email confirmation from us you are 100% safe and receiving the correct (original) pattern.

Order #1375837287 on 31 Oct, 2018order

Illegal purchases – If you purchase a PDF pattern and make a second copy to give to a friend it is illegal, you have robbed the shop of a sale.   If you purchase a book and make copies of a project to give to a friend it is illegal, you have robbed the author of a book sale.   If you purchase a PDF pattern/book and give that copy to a friend that is ok because there is only one copy in circulation.

Kits, patterns & Materials – if you have purchased any of these from Trish Burr Embroidery  and it is shipped to you by courier, you are 100% safe and are receiving the originals.  The offensive party will quite often make a photocopy of one of my PDF patterns and it may have DIGITAL at the top of the pattern which should alert you that it is a copy.  My printed booklets are done commercially and made into a booklet, not printed on loose pages.  Other things to look out for are inferior quality fabric with a hand drawn outline – all my outlines are screen printed and permanent, and needles are individually wrapped not loose.  This is what you can expect in one of my kits:


This is just a little dip in the road and will soon be smoothed out, so lets put this behind us and move on with our stitching!   Have a lovely day


11 thoughts on “Copyright”

  1. Dear Trish. We are Marina Pastushenko and Kate Vasilieva your longtime admirers. For the last 2 years we run an online embroidery school «Teach 2 Stitch» mostly for the Russian speaking embroidery lovers. for We create our courses on different varieties and styles of embroidery techniques. We also try to have range of projects from beginner to more advanced level so everyone can find something for their taste and abilities.

    We absolutely support you on the copyrights subject because as teachers and designers ourselves we are also facing the same problem when some of our courses were copied and distributed without our permission. Therefore, we always follow the copyright rules and really care that everyone do it as well. That’s why we decided to write you. As you know most of your books has been translated on Russian language and many of our students and followers on Instagram has already own one or more copies of your books but are too afraid or not sure that they can do projects from the book by themselves. Lately we were getting many requests to do a stitch along for long and short stitch so finally we are looking to do one. Because we believe that you’re the best designer working in this technique we think to do a SAL using designs found in your books. Our strict condition to join the SAL will be that every participant should have their own copy of the book they want to stitch a project from, or a digital pattern or any of the free designs found on your website. How do we see this SAL? On a weekly basis we plan to hold live videos on our Instagram accounts . We’ll be stitching our chosen designs live in front of our audience and at the same time we’ll be answering their questions concerning long and short stitch. We are not going to distribute any PDF files or copies of any of your designs. Everyone will be stitching their own choice of design from the book they posses. We’ll be there for them just to encourage and correct their problems if needed. We also plan to make a special hashtag for this SAl which stitchers will use to post and share their progress. We believe and hope it will not violate any copyright and would like to ask your permission to do such stitch along project.

    With our great respect and very best wishes! Yours big fans Teach2Stitch team Marina & Кate

    P.S You can check our work on Instagram Marina @pamarinca with some of the posts about your books and freebie Kate @stitch_and_hoop –


  2. I’m confused I haven’t ordered one of your patterns nor have I ordered fabric from Etsy or anywhere else the last week. Perhaps we can figure this out.

    Mrs. Mary L Take – Massieon

  3. Hello Trish,

    Did you receive my mail about the silks for the Malachite
    I am waiting with bated breath to hear from you.
    I am very keen to start on this project but I cannot
    until I can find out about the silks.

    Kindest regards,
    Pamela Redtenbacher.

  4. I ordered a PDF fir the great horned owl. I have not gotten an e mail link yet. My Pay Pal shows a ordered cleared

    Enjoy every day!!


    1. Hi Joan – confirmation of your order was sent and there is a link to download your purchase. Please check your email and Junk email for the message. IF it is not there please contact us by email and we will resend the link. Trish

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